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“I wanted to thank you and your team for a great design on our website, we have such positive feedback already.

It is a relief after all the trouble we have had to finally get the outcome we originally envisaged due to your help and guidance.”

Sally Hendri, HG Winfield

HG Winfield have been suppliers of building aggregates, turf and topsoil, sleepers, sheds and paving and cobbles to trade and industry for over 200 years. As a family business based in Watford, they pride themselves on their fast turnaround and competitive pricing. They contacted us upon a personal recommendation as they were unhappy with their existing site which had been built for them by another company. They wanted to work with a local company who they could contact easily and would provide a custom bespoke service designed around their needs.

We asked to meet with HG Winfield so we could fully understand their needs and determine what they disliked about their current site (pictured below) and would like to see in their new one. Their previous build was very poorly designed in many aspects. The user experience was almost non-existent, categories were poorly organised (with some pointing to the wrong pages), the document outline was incorrect (one of the web design and SEO sins), general layout and spacing was poorly considered and the overall site design left the client unhappy.

Web Design SloughHG Winfield Old Website

After meeting with HG Winfield in person we established what they wanted from their website and how best to go about it. They showed us other websites that they liked and outlined what it was they liked about them. They also made it clear to us that they were happy with the wording of the text on the previous site (they had written the text themselves.) We were also informed about the importance of branding and the fact that they were, quite rightly, proud of their 200 year trading history. With all this in mind we set out to create a bespoke custom build for them.

As an SEO Web Design company we always build clients websites with both user experience and search engine accessibility in mind.  To achieve this we used:

  • proper category tabs that lead to correct pages
  • a correct document outline
  • direct links from the homepage to category pages via large, high quality scrolling images
  • correctly designed and laid out category pages that would accommodate later SEO efforts if they were pursued.

In line with the clients requirements we also ensured branding was prominent throughout the site with the company name and a pebble banner image present on every page (pebbles are the background for the company’s business card.) We also highlighted the fact they had been trading for 200 years with a sub heading on the homepage and a large colour box that sits above the homepage’s scrolling images. We wanted to utilise the fantastic reputation HG Winfield have built for themselves during their hundreds of years of operation with a scrolling testimonial box that sits at the bottom of the homepage.

Bespoke Web Design

We are excited to get the website live so HG Winfield have an online representation of their quality of work and craftsmanship. Whether you have a website that needs a refresh or a complete re-design give us a bell on 01753 878 435 or email us for a competitive quote today!

Written by Ryan Hill

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