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Well – it is a bit of an ambiguous title really.. Affordable can mean different things to different people and businesses. SEO and SEM budgets of a large company are an unattainable dream for a start-up.

(If you wonder how much others spend on optimisation, see the average SEO consultancy rates article and infographic.)

That is why whenever we get asked about the cost of SEO, we suggest first considering the following questions:

  • What exactly do you want to achieve through optimisation? Are you after general exposure to new audiences, or do you want to reach smaller, targeted groups?
  • What are your goals – a purchase, a newsletter sign-up, a call-back request, other?
  • How much is an additional, good quality lead (or online sale) worth to your business? (This of course depends on your conversion rates and margins.)
  • What industry do you operate in?
  • What other forms of promotion do you invest in (offline or online)?
  • Last but not least, have you planned a one-off expense or a monthly SEO budget, similar to your marketing spend?

These are just some of the CRUCIAL questions we suggest you answer honestly before approaching an SEO agency. Simply put, all professional SEO consultants will want to understand your business and its challenges to be able to attempt any cost estimation. This basic information is necessary to assess how competitive the environment you operate in is, how to best approach your site’s optimisation, or indeed if SEO is the best solution for your website and business!

Sometimes other e-marketing strategies (for example regular, eye catching and useful e-newsletters sent to existing customer base) bring better ROI. We can help you make the best decision for your business. Otherwise you run the risk of being offered optimisation “snake oil” with a set price tag..

If you are not sure about the best answers to the questions mentioned above, we can help you through a free, “no-strings” consultation – email us today or call 01753 878 435 to book a face to face meeting with our experts.*

How Much To Spend On SEO?

Would you expect a reputable agency to hold a couple of meetings with you, create a strategy and do the work if you have only £100 to spend on a marketing campaign? (If you have any experience in promoting an offer or your business, we probably – hopefully? – just made you smile.) Most marketers work with multiple-digit budgets, yet optimisation specialists still have to battle the bizarre legacy of the (long gone!) days of shady SEOs spamming our inboxes with tall promises of first page rankings for a few pennies..

But enough rationalizing (rambling?:) – the ranges of SEO investments our satisfied clients make can be generally grouped as follows:

  • some websites simply need a good “clean up” to greatly improve their performance – these usually require one-off budgets of a few hundred pounds (depending on the size of the website, its issues, number of agreed keywords, etc.)
  • if needed or preferred, we can provide “ad-hoc” assistance, both identifying problems and fixing them, as well as helping with off-site strategy and activities – charged at only £30 +VAT/hour
  • experienced content writing (optimised landing pages, press releases, blog updates, etc.) for your site – at very competitive two figure quotes
  • continuous, tailored and cumulative campaigns for loyal clients who dedicate on average £2000 +VAT per month of their marketing budgets to their online success. This level of investment is usually a consequence of us delivering great optimisation results fast; thus, the impressed clients want us to support them on an ongoing basis.

As our quotes are based on the number of hours needed to do the necessary work, you always know what you pay for.


Creation of a full-blown organic traffic and/or Social Media strategy for a website depends on its history, current performance, keywords chosen, etc. We strongly advise discussing and agreeing both deliverables and SEO KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the campaign. This will help you express your expectations and discuss predicted results with your chosen SEO expert.

Beware of Cheap, Low Quality SEO

Even if you are a start-up business, it is pretty likely you realise that a well performing website is going to be crucial for the success of your business. And if we were a start-up, we would be quite overwhelmed by the possible routes one can take to owning a good website. We would probably also be rather nervous about making the wrong choice and ending up with a lemon.

We are proud of the reputation we have built over the years (since 2002 to be exact). Many of our clients have referred business to us as “a trustworthy choice”, which we are grateful for and proud of. But the reality is that our bespoke ‘artisan’ approach to search engine-friendly website development and optimisation services has put the cost beyond some start ups – even if they are acutely aware of the benefits..

SEO Training London

It might sound cheesy, but we genuinely felt bad seeing businesses having to settle for something inferior. Thus, we decided to do the unthinkable and share our accumulated SEO expertise in an intensive, half-day training. Of course SEO knowledge is not a realm of the “select few” – thankfully it is actually widely accessible! Well.. providing you have time to trawl through years of industry-wide shifts caused by both on and off-site algorithm changes (that can make or break rankings), new tools and approaches, worst pitfalls and opportunities, etc..

Ideal for those with a spare time or resource (a Social Media addict or a buddying writer among your staff?), at only £480 +VAT our power-charged AND affordable course provides you with the quickest route to SEO expertise on a budget.* As we are based 2 min walk from the Slough bus and train stations (15 min on a fast train from Paddington, central London) we are happy to hold the session at our offices, or agree to come an see you – please contact us for details.

To find out more about our affordable SEO services UK email or give us a bell on 01753 878 435. We are happy to provide you with feedback from our past satisfied “students”.

*In certain cases, Binamic can provide a free SEO audit and discounts for new clients – contact us for more details.

By Karolina Kotwica

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