Affordable Websites

Well – it is a bit of a silly title really.. Affordable can mean different things to different people. £1m for a web site would be affordable for Microsoft, £3k might be unaffordable for a start-tup business.

But if you are a start-up business, it is pretty likely you realise that a really decent website is going to be crucial for the success of your business. And if we were a start-up, we would be quite overwhelmed by the possible routes one can take to owning a website. We would probably also be rather nervous about making the wrong choice and ending up with a lemon.

We are proud of the reputation we have built over the years (since 2002 to be exact). Many of our clients have referred business to us as “a trustworthy choice”, which we are grateful for and proud of. But the reality is that our bespoke ‘artisan’ approach to website development has put the cost beyond some start ups – even if they recognise the benefits of a ‘proper’ website. If it is out of budget, it is out of budget..

It might sound cheesy, but we genuinely felt bad seeing businesses having to settle for something inferior. So about a year ago we came up with a plan. How do we get Binamic quality into an ‘affordable’ (not allowed to use the word ‘cheap’, obviously) product that would suit most start-ups?

We came up with ‘Binamic Express’. We condensed our knowledge into a Content Management System (CMS) package with a fixed set of features, which would effectively allow us to put together the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the sight really quickly. But this is no ‘off-the shelf’ solution – we still apply our knowledge and experience to the strategy, design and goals of the site. It just means that for certain sites we can build a lot faster, lowering the entry point cost-wise. We also offer Google optimisation for existing as well as new websites – learn more about our competitive SEO consultant rates and affordable SEO services UK.

So basically you can get an extremely high quality, valuable website with an impressive set of features (easy to use admin, fully editable content, blog, news, auto-image uploader, form builder, document uploads, SEO tools etc.) for a fraction of the bespoke build cost! And with our optimisation support your new site is sure to not only look great, but perform well in organic searches.

We ‘soft’ launched it a few months ago and have built a dozen or so sites, and the feedback has been amazing – especially about the ease of use of content updating. From the outset, we were also committed to offering proper support too – i.e. you can call us and talk to a real person any time you get stuck.

But we reckon you wont need to – it is that easy!

Find out more about high quality affordable websites on our dedicated Binamic Express site.

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