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Album Cover Art Generator

How does it work?

…and we have just done something a tiny bit clever to stitch it all together for you!

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CD Cover Generator

This has to be our favourite bit of ‘fun stuff’ that we made in 2010. It can be worth a laugh when it throws up some ridiculous combinations but it can also be spot on.

We have all dreamed about being in a band at one point or another. Some of us may have even realised our musical ambitions at, erm, some ‘level’. But, let’s just imagine for a minute that you and your mates jamming sessions were discovered on YouTube and you made it big. But wait, what would your band name be? Also, what would your CD cover look like? And how about the title…? Thankfully our neat little tool takes all the thinking out of the creative process for you!

Wonder no more about what name you will one day be seeing at the top of the iTunes chart – you can try our CD Album Cover Art Generator for free above and feel like a rock star!

CD Artwork Generator

After playing about with the tool for a few minutes hours (it’s incredibly addictive, we got a serious case of ‘just one more click’ syndrome) we have a couple of favourites. Either for their pure genius or comedy value.

An image of polished stones in a bowl with text generated by our album cover generator

An image of a busy, rainy street somewhere in Asia with text generated by our album cover generator

An image of two stalks with text generated by our album artwork generator

An image of a butterfly with text created by our album artwork generator

Business Today – Have Nudity and Espionage
Considering the fact that every other day you seem to hear a new story of how big business is breaking the law (most recently phone hacking) this seems particularly fitting. The image is nice and minimalist as well

1955 Emperors Cup – Once Made You Smile
Everything from the album title to the picture stinks of brooding indie/pop. You can imagine the album title would also be the title of their platinum selling single. The bands posters would be found on every teenage girls wall

We Are Born – Of All Our Adversities
We Are Born would be followers in Coldplay’s footsteps. They’d match the band name and album title just because they could but would pretend it had some deeper meaning. We love the picture here at Binamic, it’s one of the best we stumbled across whilst playing with the tool

The People Speak – Where Nothing Is Real
We reckon these guys would be more Coldplayalikes but with a female singer. They’d create ethereal, easy listening britpop that would be lapped up by the mass market. All their album covers would include flowers, lots and lots of flowers

Enough of our creations though! We want to see your favourite album cover generations. Whether they are so bad they’re good or just plain brilliant we’ll be compiling a list of the greatest creations that we will then share on our social media accounts and on this page too. So, if you feel you have created a cover worthy of inclusion send it to or submit it via our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages.

If you like our creative tool and want to use it on your website or need a similar generator or game created, contact us or call us on 01753 878435 today and we will be more than happy to help!

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