Amazon Offers Brands Social Friendly Service

Amazon is one of the most well known websites in the world. For e-commerce websites this is the benchmark for success, what everyone wants to achieve. Amazon’s conversion rate is above 10% for the majority of the website – a fantastic result if since generally anything above 3% is considered a good result.

Over the last few years, the company has strived to improve and expand services by a variety of means. One idea that has proven a huge success was the introduction of Marketplace – a section on which independent merchants can sell their goods through Amazon. Small e-commerce gift companies now consider it essential to have their products listed not only on their own websites, but also on the Amazon Marketplace (AM) as well as on eBay.

Amazon’s new initiative focused on helping people sell through AM is “Amazon Pages” (AP). The concept is relatively simple: you get your own merchant page on Amazon which is easily integrated with your social media efforts. Depending on how much Amazon promotes this service, it could well be the next big thing to become essential in e-commerce for small business.

With AP you get your own dynamic page on Amazon complete with a URL such as Content on the pages is completely up to you, you can include large images, text posts and social media links. Amazon is one of the most trusted websites in the world for consumers and this service could potentially eliminate trust issues between customers and small or start-up businesses.

Amazon will also offer full analytical support to companies using the service. People selling on Amazon through AP will be able to look through analytics and insights in order to improve their pages’ performance.

This new service is a potential reference to the theory that Amazon wants companies to move their entire online operations to Amazon. Factors such as increasing marketing and SEO costs for online businesses could bring Amazon’s vision closer to reality.

But the short term goal for Amazon is simply to increase sales through their Marketplace. For every product sold via a 3rd party on Amazon, they get a fee which averages about 17% of the sale price of the item. Obviously, with thousands of merchants on Amazon’s Marketplace, the revenue is huge.

The service is restricted to sellers at the moment and it is unknown when the service will be introduced to the UK. However, it is tradition for Amazon to experiment a new service or site change with their American website first, so we expect the opportunity to reach UK-based online merchants in the first part of 2013.

We think that this new service by Amazon is definitely something webmasters and e-commerce site owners should keep an eye on and consider going for once it is available on Amazon’s UK website.

Written by Chris Rendell.

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