Big Image Sizes to use? Here are Image Compression Tools

As we have heard many times, big image sizes needs to avoid as they decrease load time and users do not want that. Sites with highly optimised images load faster and work better on more devices.

In SEO, website load speed is very important and big image sizes sometimes take big space and takes long time to load. Load speed helps to boost website’s performance.

Want to use this big Image then what?

Yes, it usually happens that we like image but the size quite big then what we can do here. There are quite nice many tools available to reduce image size without losing image quality and resolution. Here are some of them.

1) is yahoo’s tool where you can upload image sizes from desktop and URLs as well and you image size will be reduce.

2) FILEminimizer Pictures 3.0

Great image compression tool to change formats, resize images, re-encode JPEGs with a reduced quality and strip out metadata in an effort to shrink your pictures.

3) FileOptimizer 2.10.135

File optimiser compress JPG, GIF and PNG images, but it can also work with executable files, archives, Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, and the list goes on.

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