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We’re going to make an educated guess that you ended up on this page because you know how important business social media marketing is. There’s no pretending it isn’t anymore, no hoping it’s just a fad that will pass, no wondering if it really would benefit your business plan to be on social media. It’s a fact that social media is here to stay, that its use is continuing to boom and that it can make a real difference to your online presence and therefore your bottom line.

Why Is Company Social Media Important?

Business social media management is important for a plethora of reasons! We really could type endlessly about its benefits and applications but in the interest of making this article as un-tedious as possible we will just summarise it in a few points.

1. It contributes to your SEO efforts.

Our other speciality, SEO is defined as Search Engine Optimisation, and involves efforts to ensure your company’s website will garner as much traffic as it can from the great expanse that is the world wide web. The fantastic thing about social media is that, on top of its own benefits, it also acts as supplemental support to your existing SEO efforts. Social media links are becoming known as the ‘new links’ as search engine algorithms begin to take them into account. That’s right, social media likes and shares do correlate with high rankings and page authority.

2. It increases your businesses exposure locally and nationally

In its simplest form social media is another channel from which you can draw attention to your business and what your business does or sells. The great thing about social media (that we feel is better than search engines) is the fact that people will see your content if it is good enough. You can create an absolutely unbelievable piece of content for your site but unless you jump through a myriad of Google hoops, and put considerable effort into promoting it, it’s unlikely many people will see it.

social media phone image for consultancy articleWith social media this is not the case. You can guarantee your content will be seen by at least a selection of people. If they appreciate it they will like it or share it, leading to it being exposed to more and more people. A really good piece of content will continue to accrue likes and shares until it goes viral (more information on that here) and spreads like wildfire across social media networks and the internet as a whole. Your social media profiles will often also be returned in Google searches above competing businesses preventing them from nabbing business from right under your nose, particularly in local searches.

Business Social Media Statistics

Our blog post on Sales Via Social Media Marketing has a fantastic breakdown of how social media increases sales in one particular niche, the motor industry, and therefore the overall impact of social media on business. If the last thing you want to do is go and read a blog post you’re in luck because we’re going to highlight the main takeaways here.

  • 33% of social media users follow automotive brands to get purchase advice
  • 21% of auto purchase decisions are influenced by social media – more than any other industry
  • 75% of vehicle buyers find social networks useful
  • Google+ traffic resulting in a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for auto manufacturers is up 26%
  • Google+ traffic resulting in a KPI for Parts & Service sites is up a whopping 281%!

There is no denying that these numbers are impressive but it is worth noting that such a rapid growth is probably limited to just a few markets, thanks to the boom in communities surrounding them on Google+. The motoring community is huge on there. However, that does not make this information any less interesting or compelling. It is clear that social media can and will have a direct effect on your bottom line.

Why Use Binamic as Your Social Media Marketing Consultant

So, out of the mammoth amount of social media consultancy companies and freelancers out there why on earth would you choose Binamic? Well, mainly because we know what we’re doing. As a small, local business ourselves we appreciate the trials and tribulations other small businesses face in the online world. We know that no matter how loud you think you’re shouting your voice seems to be overpowered by those big guys. But with good, interesting content, an active and engaged following (no matter how small) and a bit of know how you can start being heard. Don’t just take our word for it though, why not check out one of our clients social media accounts. We adopted them about 7 months ago (we started the Google+ and LinkedIn profiles from scratch) and you can see where we are now.

The best thing about this? It’s all 100% natural and organic. Nothing is forced, no likes have been brought, no follower programs have been used. We firmly believe in the ideology that your social media strategy, and therefore all social media likes, follows, +1′s etc should be organic and earned not brought. This is mainly because that is what social media is about, the only reason people should be liking or following you is because they want to. That is how you build a community. Odds are if you fall on a Facebook page with 10,000 likes but little to no engagement they have brought the majority of those likes.

CLMS Facebook page screenshot

Check out Car leasing made simple’s Facebook page.

CLMS Google+ profile for social media consultancy page

Check out Car leasing made simple’s Google+.


CLMS LinkeIn page

Check out Car leasing made simple’s LinkedIn page.

CLMS Twitter screenshot for social media consultancy article

Check out Car leasing made simple’s Twitter.

However, not only does a low engagement – high like profile not look right it can also have a detrimental effect on your overall social media efforts. Just like Google uses algorithms (Penguin anyone?) to return relevant pages so do some social media sites. Although Facebook have now officially ditched EdgeRank they will have replaced it with something similar. EdgeRank decided whether to allow your post to appear in a Facebook users News Feed based on a myriad of factors. One of the most influential ones was post engagement divided by post viewers. It makes sense that a higher ratio of ‘likers’ per viewers would indicate a post is of a higher quality. After all there must be something about it that people enjoyed enough to like. In turn, if Facebook thinks a post is high quality it is going to present it to more of its users (just like Google ranking ‘better’ pages higher).

Facebook edgerank photo for social media consultancy pageA page with thousands of paid likes will have a very low engagement rate per post as most of its fans aren’t even active users. This means that even if that page was to post high quality content it would have a low engagement rate and therefore its ability to spread and get your page more likes will be compromised. Twitter is the only exception to this rule.

But other than being holistic and natural why else would you use us? Well, we also like to pride ourselves on our customer service and set up. Admittedly we are a small company but we don’t see this as a drawback, we actually see it as an advantage, especially when we provide social media consulting services. Being a small company means there is always someone knowledgeable, and that you probably would have met at some point, available for you to talk to should you need them. It also means that all work is done in house, in the same room in fact, so we can attest for the quality of every single bit of it. This also means we really don’t like the idea of outsourcing, and neither do our clients, so we never do it. Simple.

A Few Social Media Tips and Tricks

Still not convinced about the quality of our social media consultancy credentials? Well, to seal the deal we thought we would give you a few completely FREE social media optimisation tips for you to try out, today.

1. Ensure your company profile information is thoroughly completed.

Binamic Facebook contact information example

There is circumstantial evidence that the more completed a company Facebook profile is the more authority Facebook will attribute to it. This should be reason enough for you to spend an extra 10 minutes today making sure everything is completely filled out but you should also look at it from a customer’s point of view. If they decide to get in touch with your company and then go to find more information only to be presented by an unprofessional, unfinished section you could lose them just as they are ready to make the jump.

2. Utilise Custom Tabs

Facebook Custom tabs for social media consultancy page

It’s all well and good making it easy for people to access a map of your location from your Facebook page but don’t you think that space could be utilised slightly better? How about including a link directly to your companies Twitter page to try and bolster your followers on there. Or maybe you could create an RSS feed of your latest deals that people can access directly from your Facebook page? Or, if you have a company blog, you could always feed from that. More information on how to create custom tabs can be found here.

3. Show Your Pictures Off Properly

Car leasing made simple featured image example for social media consultancy article

You know those awesome pictures of your latest product you got that professional photographer to take? Why on earth are you hiding them in a tiny square on your page?! Take advantage of the wonder that is featured posts and show them off in their full glory! When doing this though ensure you tick the ‘High Quality’ box whilst the photos are uploading. This will mean that when you feature the image it won’t lose any of its quality.

4. Remove links before posting

example of link removed post for binamic social media consultancy pageSharing other peoples great content and attributing them appropriately is actually a fantastic way to get your page noticed. However, did you know you can delete the link from the post once the preview has appeared? This may seem like a small thing but it goes a long way to enhancing the appeal and look of your page.

5. Don’t Self Promote (At Least Not Much Anyway)

Funny Christmas lights on carAt the end of the day your social media presence is there to increase your exposure and your bottom line. This could lead you to try and push your products/services repeatedly as your try and drive those conversions. This is NOT a good idea. People don’t come to social media to have advertising shoved down their throats. They come to social media to communicate, have fun and discover useful information. So guess what, if you facilitate these needs you will see your social community grow. Self promotion every now and then is fine, after all it is your companies social media profile, if you can mask this in comedy even better.

If you’re still not convinced we’re the social media consultancy for you then we’re afraid there isn’t much else we can do, thanks for stopping by and good luck on your quest to social media stardom. However, if you feel we’re right for you or just want to have a bit more of a chat about what we can offer you, why don’t you get in touch with us? You can call us on 01753 878435 or drop us an email, whichever you fancy. We look forward to hearing from you.

Social media phone image attribution: Jason A. Howie

Facebook engagement image attribution:  cambodia4kidsorg

Written by Ryan Hill