Binamic’s Top Quality Website CMS

After months of development and feedback from clients, we have finished our very own Content Management System (CMS), ‘Binamic Express’, which allows even non-techie people to keep their websites up to date.

Having used many different CMS over the years, we have been keeping a note of the things we don’t like about them and basically tried to eliminate these in Binamic Express – and I must say we are rather pleased with it!

More importantly, we are getting great feedback from our users, especially praising its ease of use, which was our aim from the outset. It is a highly versatile and intuitive platform, which bolts on to our bespoke front-end web design and strategic approach to SEO. This allows us to work more freely and create an enticingly priced package.

So, if you, or anyone you know needs a really brilliant web site, visit Binamic ExpressTM to find out more or contact us now for a competitive quote.

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