Black Friday

Oh gosh, Black Friday is here… and have you been lucky enough to shop online? This is a problem we are facing today.

Today, I have seen major brand’s website server down due to huge customers. The brands include – Tesco, Argos, River Island, Currys etc..

It shows, they haven’t made themselves ready for the huge visits. I have received email newsletter and social media updates for the black Friday deals.. But what does it mean if you cannot do shopping online.

Get ready your website to handle the thousands of customers


Tesco direct

Since morning, my computer screen gets used to with the notification message from Tesco website.



Argos, Its unbelievable, its not just only on web page but even full website is down. Cant able to handle huge traffic.


River Island

River Island not even bother to give some notification or error message. By chance if you able to get  into River Island website but can not able to browse any products. They have given 25% discount for 11am to 3pm but who can able to grab the deal?



What would you prefer online or in-store?

If you have planned to do black Friday shopping today, do not waste your time for website to come back.. Just go in store and find something if you can..

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