Blogging on Your Website

It is no secret these days that, to keep up with the scope of digital marketing and ecommerce, you should be running a blog on you website. Everyone within their respective industry will have some useful insights and opinions that could be potentially great for blogging. Actively posting is a good start but what can you do to make your blog benefit your business? Here are a few tips:

  • Great content is essential. If you are writing an article just for the sake of filling space with content, you are going to get nowhere fast. You need to thoroughly think out your articles in order to gain readership and fans. The best way to do this is research. Once an idea is in your head it is important to thoroughly research it in order to write about it. During the research you are likely to develop your initial idea, leading it to become very intriguing to your readers and equal great content.
  • Another great tip with regard to content is to create a persona for your website, whether comical and humorous or serious and professional. Your website will be more memorable with its own persona. You could even include a mascot of some sort to justify the persona. This tip is designed to set yourself out from the blogging crowd and give your blog a unique selling point (USP).
  • If your content is really great and successful, it has a chance of going viral and generating a large amount of traffic to your website, which in turn can do wonders for your brand. To ensure your article has a chance of this happening you will want to make every article as visible as possible. This includes adding it to social media communities, whether your own or other relevant active communities in your niche.
  • Finally, SEO should always be considered when writing articles. Even if it is just the basics such as keyword in title, meta description and header tags. This way your article will gain more exposure by showing up in search engines for its subject keyword. On a side note, great content will also create its own SEO links using link bait. People will want to share and link to what you have written for others.

If the above tips are implemented properly then you should set the foundations to ensure that hours of writing and blogging will not be in vain and you should slowly see a build up of a community who are eager to read what you have to say. From this you can use other forms of marketing to offer your products and services to your followers.

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