BP – Health and Safety Flash Animation Training Module

This is an example of a very complex health and safety training module created for BP in partnership with Hill Solomon.

Our brief was for a health and safety flash animation module that could be used for training and needed to facilitate preparation of staff at a new BP plant in the Middle East. It was built with a full control panel for the tutors and delivered in two language versions – English and Arabic.

It showcases the entire plant with numerous “zoom in and out” points, which can be accessed in a particular order (planned for the entire training), as well as independently (moving freely between any chosen points using the built-in menu). These “POIs” (points of interest) warn against particular health hazards, display informative material, pose questions for trainee engagement or even play short videos.

Safety Flash Animation Design

Unfortunately, due to the large file size we are not able to showcase this interactive health and safety flash animation training module in its full glory.

Our team have huge amounts of experience in flash design and implementation and always

Should you be interested in development of a flash module of similar functionality, please contact us for a presentation or to discuss your requirements.

Written by Ryan Hill

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