Car Leasing Made Simple – Mobile Website

In 2011, we have done completely website redesigned and redeveloped Car Leasing Made Simple Website and now, we have launched their mobile website.

About Car Leasing Made Simple -

Car Leasing Made Simple are UK’s one of the leading Car Leasing experts provides business and personal car lease. As being car leasing website, they are having massive number of mobile visitors every day. So they been thinking to have separate mobile website to work on a range of mobile devices and screen sizes.

What We have done -

Seeing their popularity of mobile users, we were thinking to give some pleasure experience to their mobile visitors. So we started with drafted three different website designs and shown to their employees and choose on the best web design.

Simple, Clean and beautiful web site design that is our mantra of what we do.

  • Web Development

After selecting web design, we started developing their mobile site using HTML, CSS & JavaScript in front end where in backend we have used PHP and MY SQL. This mobile site is compatible to all mobile devices and screen sizes.

  • SEO

This is their mobile site, so we take care all their SEO which not going to be affect to their desktop website users. So we have used Annotation tag in the HTML and sitemap.

On their Desktop website pages, we have added a special link rel=”alternate” tag pointing to the corresponding mobile URL and on mobile website pages, we have added rel=”canonical” tag pointing to desktop URLs.

Also we have added rel=”alternate” tag to their sitemap to know Google about indexing mobile web pages.

It’s very important when you launch any mobile website, it needs to be add all SEO tags properly and let Google know about it otherwise your SEO can be ruin away if you do not add properly which you can not afford.

  • Testing before and after launch

After done all the work, we have tested with different range of mobile devices and screen sizes and confirmed by client also.

We have done proper unit tested before and after mobile website launch to ensure everything is perfect.

Here are some screenshots -

Car Leasing Made Simple - Mobile Website Home Page

Car Leasing Made Simple - Mobile Website Model Search Page

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We feel very pleased and excited, launching mobile website of Car Leasing Made Simple.  This was  our one of the most important project that we take pride on it.

 If you would like to have mobile or desktop bespoke website design and development then feel free to call on 01753 878 435 or email us for a competitive quote today!

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