Car leasing made simple™ – SEO Case Study

Not only did Binamic develop the website – a leading platform in the industry. We also took over its SEO from a leading London SEO agency. Now we keep working on the site’s web Search Engine Optimisation to ensure that it is fully geared for performance on search results pages, while maintaining its high usability.

SEO Consultancy Experts

What does Sales & Marketing Director at Car Leasing Made Simple say about us?

“Binamic built us a great website! They built the Car leasing made simple™ website over 3 years ago and have been supporting us ever since. The guys there really know their stuff and I can’t recommend them highly enough. If you’re thinking of getting a new website built that will perform great – go for Binamic. They’re fast, efficient and don’t cost an arm and a leg. Well done guys.“

SEO Web Design

Many third parties have also testified that website is a model in the sector. Thanks to our SEO optimisation work, it greatly increases the company’s exposure to new potential clients through Google and other search engines.

All achieved simply by having great SEO web design experts managing and maintaining the website.

SEO Results

After months of investing in agencies, with little or no results, the client finally got more than their desired results from their patronage of Binamic SEO services. The client is happy to continue with us, also for other development work. Why?

Our approach is based on the synergy of continuous on-site and off-site optimisation. A website is not a “dead piece of wood” – it should evolve and improve, responding to changes in search algorithms as well as user behaviour patterns (different experience of a site on a PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

The website is now visible on first pages of Google searches for some of the most highly competitive keywords in the sector. This meant a continuous exponential rise in natural traffic to the website, and in such proportions that it allowed the company to slowly reduce, and – finally – abandon PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic generating and costly (!) campaigns; for which we are much liked by the client’s Financial Director.

Our SEO work on website started around May 2010 and, as shown on the Google Analytics report below, the increase in the organic (non-paid) traffic has been tremendous.

Web SEO Case Study - Organic Traffic Increase (Google Analytics snapshot)

Web SEO Strategies Employed

  • Structural SEO optimisation

The website got an overhaul from our SEO experts in terms of its foundations and building blocks that, while virtually invisible to human eyes, make quite an impact to how search engines perceive websites (e.g. URL structures, Alt texts, H tags structure etc.).

  • Continuous and relevant SEO keywords research

If anyone thinks SEO optimisation is something that you can just “do” and forget about it will probably be disappointed. On the other hand, the advantages of ongoing, targeted and focused SEO consultancy can be truly amazing. We stared off making sure Carleasingmadesimple website is SEO optimisaed to do well in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and continue to keep an eye on new opportunities relating to car leasing sector to make sure the client’s website is always at the front of the pack.

  • New taxonomies for the website, leading to..
  • ..Relevant, optimised content& “landing pages” creation
  • Links building from authoritative websites

Social Media for SEO

We have gone a step further by, not only handling web SEO optimisation for, but also client’s SMO (Social Media Optimisation)  including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, relevant blogging channels etc. On a regular basis, we give the client meaningful presence in the Social Media, which has yielded good and obvious dividends in just a few months from the start of our efforts. We strongly believe no SEO case study can be complete without SMO, as its use is a great way to effectively push for that coveted spot on First Page on Google.

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