Car Leasing Website Development & SEO

Car leasing made simple™ 2.0

We have redesigned Car leasing made simple™ – a car leasing website, and we are quite excited about it. Why? Because not only does it look better, but – probably more importantly – it is faster, easier to use, and now even more powerful.

The site now utilises CAP’s (automotive industry’s data provider) new vehicle pricing and options for all cars and vans currently available in the UK, making it the most comprehensive and informative car leasing website and setting an industry benchmark.

So how does it do it? The vehicle data, coming in via automatic, scheduled updates to an secure database, are dynamically associated by the website with correct and most competitive contract hire rates. These can come from a number of the UK’s biggest car leasing companies and are uploaded to the site via an easy to manage, login-protected interface (Admin).

This means that the site owner can upload as many different rate books as he or she wishes, and the website’s coding will do all the hard work of calculating the best offers. All this happens in the split seconds when a potential client visits the site, allowing the company to provide the best deals in real time on any new car configuration desired!

Optimised Car Leasing Site

Apart form improved “looks” and “muscle power”, the site is also “leaner and meaner”.. Let us translate: streamlining the code and introducing web optimisation elements on the site foundations level has allowed us to create a truly SEO-friendly, optimised car leasing website. Its tremendous potential to perform well in search engines lies also in its great flexibility in terms of creation of additional, optimised landing pages.

Launched on the 8th June, and backed by radio ads featuring the actor Richard Ayoade (Garth Marenghi, The Mighty Boosh and The IT Crowd) in London on LBC 97.3 and nationwide on Classic FM DAB, traffic is up around 60% on the same period last month, with far less bounces and people spending longer on the site.

If you are interested in a similar car leasing website development, call 0208 1335444 or email us today for a competitive quote.

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