Charles Barr – SEO Case Study

Another example of a successful structural (on-site) SEO. This time Binamic was asked to help Charles Barr Ltd, a company making traditional and reproduction furniture since 1861.

Having recently launched a new website, the client experienced falling organic traffic numbers and was on the lookout for an experienced and recommended SEO consultantcy service to help their website perform better in search engines.

Recommended SEO Consultancy

After initial consultation with the client, we quickly agreed on a course of action. We decided to start with the optimisation of the most important part of a small-to-medium sized website – the homepage.

The challenge of this optimisation? Yet again we were asked to fully optimise the page, but with minimum changes to overall design. We also offered to produce an analysis and an “optimisation guide”, tailor made for the website. This complimented our recommended SEO consultancy work, allowing the client to keep informed and in full knowledge of what would be done.

SEO Techniques

Keyword, Page Rank & Traffic Research and Analysis

Every SEO effort should start with a thorough research. This means an in-depth and combined analysis of at least three elements:

1. The historical performance of a website – both in terms of keywords that have driven traffic to it, as well as the site’s ranking for those key phrases. This allows to asses the “natural” potential of a site (before structural SEO is employed).
2. Intelligence form off-site SEO activity undertaken in the past.
3. In depth analysis into all keywords relevant to the business, including traffic and actual commercial value potential.

This kind of analysis is time consuming, but is essential, as it provides a clear insight into untapped opportunities in a controlled and targeted approach.

Search Engine Optimised Taxonomy

After the research is done and key phrases agreed with the customer, the next step is the creation of fully optimised (and relevant to the client’s business) taxonomy as a basis for the new, SEO-maximised page structure.

An optimised page structure, apart for other crucial elements like meta data, titles and alt texts on images etc., allows search engines to clearly identify, in layman’s terms, “what a web page is about“. By making it easy for Google to understand: “what key phrases a website is relevant to”, we give it a much better chance of showing up in search results.

On-Page SEO

But how do you get a lot of new content onto a page without changing its design? Binamic analysed correlations between page structure and visual elements of the homepage, and came up with three different options of implementing the taxonomy on the page. After a consultation with the client a JavaScript scroll solution was agreed, and – with some advanced coding – we simultaneously optimised the page’s outline AND replaced a Flash animation element on the site (which wouldn’t work on iPhones, iPads, some modern browser etc.).

Google hasn’t yet re-visited the site, so we are waiting to see the increase in organic traffic after the page has been re-indexed. Fingers crossed!

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