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Clifton Nurseries are a prestigious garden nursery and landscape centre situated in Maida Vale, London. Clifton have an impeccable local reputation and have been inspiring gardeners since 1851. Binamic recently designed and developed their website to act as a shop window for their services and as a fully functional e-store. The result gave the newly finished website a luxury feel and visually appealing appearance to match Clifton’s image.

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Not long after Binamic completed the development of the new website, we met up with Clifton to discuss how we could further help them maximise the website’s benefit as a sales tool and a contributing part of the business. We discussed the structure and organisation of the company, its challenges and opportunities, to pinpoint where an online presence and strategy would be most effective in supporting in-nursery sales.

Hence, Clifton showed interest in our Magento SEO services with regard to their upcoming promotional push for the Christmas tree section of their business. We offered to fully organise the creation of a new online section of the website, which would also include other seasonal products like wreaths and decorations. We agreed to create and manage a full on and off-site “white-hat” SEO campaign to maximise search engine visibility for this “Christmas Market” and Clifton’s Christmas tree delivery services around London.

We immediately got to work on Clifton’s Christmas section by doing extensive and in-depth keyword research, as well as identifying all the products they would be selling via their e-commerce store. We then used the results of the research and to create optimised products – including titles, descriptions, meta data etc. Whit that completed, we proceeded with a mass controlled upload onto the website in order to have each product fully SEO’d to appear in search results for relevant keywords.

We then worked with Clifton to ensure all the product pages were ready, with correct information and appropriate images. Next, we re-indexed the site with Google while completing stage 2 of our keyword research which involved sourcing, analysing and selecting keywords for the category pages as well as the “homepage” of the Christmas section.

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Once the initial SEO work was done and Clifton’s real Christmas trees section was completed, we again submitted the site’s updated sitemap to Google to promote re-indexing. Our extensive keyword research paid off and the majority of the product pages started to appear in the Google’s results pages for the appropriate keywords in a matter of days.

Ongoing on-site and off-site SEO (“link building”) will ensure their traffic is continuing to increase with the more competitive keywords rising up the rankings in Google.

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