DaD – Bespoke WordPress Design & APP Development

Design a Dress (DaD) is a young business based on providing children with an entertaining and creative outlet: designing bespoke dresses. Made possible through an interactive application (APP) hosted on the company’s website, this means that a good design and functioning of both site and APP itself is crucial to the enterprise’s success.

The company’s creator contacted Binamic because she was dissatisfied with the previously outsourced development of both the website and APP. The client was not happy with the design of the pages, while the APP – apart from not functioning – had been built in Flash technology. This meant it would not work (nor even display) on iPads, iPhones, some Android mobile devices and modern browsers.

Initially we were asked to assess the “needed repairs” to the APP. But, having seen the source files, we noted that is actually was not created in Flash, but Flex. This is another way of coding Flash, but in essence it meant that fixing the APP was not an option. Moreover, with the DaD’s target audience using devices not supporting Flash, it was evident that a more modern, improved approach was needed.

Thus, after an initial meeting with the client, we proposed a full custom redesign of the site, including:

  • matching up colour schemes (relating to the company’s branding and logo)
  • addition of an easy to find and use navigation to the APP and other pages on the site
  • “cleaning up” the homepage design while adding advanced sliders, clear sections for children to navigate the site, an “Invite a Friend” functionality box, Twitter feed and testimonials, etc.
  • removing unwanted pages and adding new, functional ones for the client’s additional offers (“Party in a Box”, gift vouchers) and user functionality (e.g. My Basket, Account Pages, etc.)
  • testing across multiple browsers, building a useful 404 page, etc.

We also offered to upgrade WordPress – the Content Management System (CMS) on which the site was initially built – to the lasted version.

For the bespoke APP to be fully accessible, we suggested re-building it in HTML – together with a planned out, fully working e-commerce system. This gave us the opportunity to make it a bit more user-friendly on the front-end, as well as providing our client with the functionality of managing her products and pricing for the APP’s components through the site’s Admin.

Apart from just making the APP an e-commerce tool (designing dresses for purchase), the “tweens” visiting the site can use the APP as a game. They can create a profile, save their creations to an online portfolio, invite friends to join them in the fun and – possibly – order their creations online to be made bespoke just for them!

We have also planned out and built an HTML email confirmation system, with messages sent to customers of the site as well as to our client . These contain confirmation of order, a visual reference of the designed dress (for production) and a “School of Design a Dress” certificate.

With the new site and APP launched last week, we believe DaD will be able to gets lots of children visiting and using the site soon!

If you have a unique e-commerce idea, are interested in bespoke website design or future-proof APP development, please contact us on 01753 878 435 to discuss your needs.

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