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On-Site Magento SEO

What can you expect from good Magento SEO in terms of Binamic’s search engine optimisation work? Well, the Magento SEO development team at Binamic can fully configure and set up your Mageno store for SEO purposes. This includes any 301 redirects, caching issues or schedules, speedy issue identification and rectification, etc. Other basic, but all too often completely omitted elements of Magento on-site search engine optimisation include page meta data, header settings, landing pages and category/product optimisation.

The team at Binamic can go one step further though. Slightly more advanced Magento optimisation can include optimised Magento templates (which we create in house), page taxonomy (headings), general coding clean-up and consolidation to optimise page load speed and minimise errors, the creating of comprehensive XML Magento SEO sitemaps, etc.

Our advanced Magento SEO techniques will resolve issues created by duplicate content (with the use of canonical URLs where they have not already been implemented by Magento as default), optimise internal and external linking patterns, implement “noindex” and “nofollow” tags for non-content pages (as well as “nofollow” on any unnecessary and/or outgoing links) and also ensure the non-indexing of undesirable pages.

Off-Site Magento SEO (Link Building/Earning)

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Separate to the (by no means comprehensive) list of things we can help you with in regards to the on-site optimisation of Magento websites, there is also the much hyped off-site SEO. Commonly referred to as “link building” (although that is viewed as a slightly naughty term now) and more recently “link earning,” it is comprised of a number of various techniques and activities necessary to “promote” your site within the wider web community.

This not only drives more referral traffic to your site, but – more importantly – is aimed at building up your Page Rank (authority) for better overall performance in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Magento SEO Tips

We realise that in today’s world of seemingly thousands of SEO companies practically climbing over each other to take your hard earned cash off you it can be daunting when trying to decide who to use. However, we firmly believe we’re different (and a bit special too). We’re a small yet professional team, this means you get the best of both worlds of big business expertise and local business friendliness. We don’t outsource (despite the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds *you get the idea* of tempting emails we receive every day from fellow SEO’s in India) which we have often found has reassured our clients. We also try our hardest to make sure someone knowledgeable and helpful is available on the end of the phone to help you with any questions or issues you may have!

However, what really sets us apart is our openness and honesty. We don’t like to pretend we’re the mage’s of the online world unlike some SEO companies. We like to explain what we do to all our clients and also make sure they’re informed of when we do it. We feel this creates a much more conducive workout partnership. However, if you’re too busy to be involved or prefer the hands off approach we are more than happy to oblige that as well. So, to prove we are men and women of our words here are some Magento SEO tips, free of charge, they won’t cost you a penny. All we ask in return is that when you feel it is time to turn to an SEO agency you remember little old us!

1. Keywords, keywords, keywords!

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SEO without keywords is like swimming without water. Painful, impractical and often a disastrous waste of time. Keywords make up the foundation of any properly planned and successful SEO strategy and we can’t see that changing anytime soon. We have an extensive keyword research method, that we’re pretty sure is unique to us, and really does look at all possible angles. We could tell you about it but then we would have to kill you…

2. Cleaner = Faster = Better

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One thing that is so often overlooked when it comes to on-site SEO is page load speed. Google have confirmed time and again that page load speed does impact where they rank sites and one of the biggest influencers of this is coding. In Google’s eyes, and we tend to agree, the slower a site loads the poorer the user experience (UX). After all, how many times have you arrived on a website, been greeted by a blank screen and a loading message and/or a page that is creeping down from the top to the bottom and then just backed out? We have, plenty. People don’t like waiting, especially not on the web. The cleaner and less erroneous your Magento sites code is the quicker it will load, the quicker people will get to use it and the quicker Google will come to love you. Our development team has years of coding experience and know exactly what to look for.

3. Don’t Forget Your Products!

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In our experience when clients come to us wanting SEO work done on their Magento websites their homepage, landing pages, category pages and almost any other type of page has been worked on except their product pages. This always flabbergasts us and not just for SEO reasons. From an SEO perspective product pages have as much ranking and traffic potential as any other page and therefore should be optimised just the same. However, from a marketing point of view the product page is where the deal is done, where the many changes hands, where the sale is closed! Why then do we so often come across product pages that are unloved and unfinished. The fantastic thing about SEO is that designing with humans in mind often equals good SEO. In terms of a product listing, clear titles, a rich and descriptive text section and plenty of high quality images equate to great UX and great SEO.

Want more Magento SEO tips? We’re afraid we can’t tell you all of them otherwise we’d do ourselves out of business and we need to eat! We can point you in the direction of the below Magento Assistance video though! The sound quality isn’t the best but it gives you a good run down of the Magento SEO basics.

If you are interested in our Magento SEO services or just want to find out more information about the services we provide give us a bell on 01753 878 435 or email us today.

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