Facebook Like Button 2-in-1 (Like & Share)

Facebook has successfully come up with an interesting version of their website’s ‘Like’ button. When a user likes a webpage, this appears on the user’s news feed on Facebook and is made known to his (her) friends – a mechanism that can make a website/content go viral. This new marketing tool for business owners is absolutely free!

The improvement in the Facebook Like button has been able to build a stronger user expectation and ultimately fashioning a better user experience. The good thing is that you don’t need to have Facebook account to include the ‘Like’ button on your page. All that is required is the few lines of code and a good developer to implement it.

There are two approaches to including the ‘Like’ button on website: iFrame and JavaScript. The iFrame is the easier version and does the like and include on the users’ news feeds. But the information disappears after some time, especially when the user has many activities included on the news feed. I.e. the decay rate is high.

The JavaScript approach requires extra tweaking by programmers with the use of XFBML and JavaScript SDK. The good part of this type of button, and its advantage over the iFrame approach, is that it leaves the website url as part of the users’ interests on Facebook besides showing it in the news feed. Therefore, the users’ friends could see the URL anytime they are viewing the users’ interests.

Going deeper might sound confusing to the non-technical folks. Why don’t you contract this out to a dedicated social media company like Binamic? Simply email us or give us a ring on 01753 878 435 today.


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