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Flash Animation Games – Marketing & Traffic Generation Tools

Ah, flash animation games, the escape mechanism of many a bored teenager in I.T. class or equally bored director stuck at his desk. They can provide hours of entertainment despite their fairly simple construction and can run on practically any modern computer making their appeal universal. Did you know that flash animation games can do more than just kill a few hours though? As well as being a bit of fun flash games can be extremely powerful online marketing tools. Not only do they have the potential to go viral (if they’re particularly good or even frustratingly bad) but they can also be utilised as a powerful lead generation tool. As a web design company with flash design expertise we have had success with both these aims. QWOP for flash animation game

Our development experts have produced games for Vodafone, Sky and Cable & Wireless amongst others. As part of this development process they have not only just created the games. Thanks to our development teams expertise we can also assist with the creative process of establishing a gaming concept and its implementation in a campaign to help your business achieve its goals.

Advantages of Flash Games

We know just how powerful flash games can be. Here at Binamic we love making them, let alone playing them, and have happily done so for many years. People love free stuff, especially free stuff that’s entertaining and enjoyable. People also love games. The combination of the two can become a potent and powerful marketing device when done correctly. So, what are the advantages of flash games for your business?

  • 1. They can engage and interest your visitors and also garner return visits

    As we have already mentioned, people love free stuff and they love games. They may come to your site looking for a product, find it and then, just as they are about to leave, notice that you have a ‘Free Online Game.’ That may not draw the attention of all your visitors but many will be intrigued enough to click. Once they are playing your game they are staying on your site longer than they would have been anyway. If your game is particularly entertaining, or offers some form of incentive, it is likely people will return to play it again. So, by hosting a game on your site you can not only increase dwell time but you can also increase your return visitor rate. These are both strong SEO signals that are looked at by Google. That’s right, games can equal good SEO.

  • 2. They can be utilised as a tool to gather data

    Data, simple letters and numbers that can mean a lot for your business. Garnering information, even just an email address, can open up a whole new way for you to market your business to a prospective client base. The great thing about online flash games is the fact that they offer a much less direct and much more subtle way for you to collect information on prospective clients. By implementing a leaderboard function in your game, that requires an email log in for players to post their top scores, you can implement a data collection campaign that appeals to people’s competitive sides. You could also offer people the option to save their progress in return for creating a profile that would require them to enter their real name and email address.

  • 3. They can be used to promote the sale of a particular product or service
    Pound Sign For Flash Animation Games
    Got a new product that you want to boost awareness of? Another one of the advantages of flash games is how they can help you do just that. Creating a flash game featuring said product can be a fantastic way to increase interest in it and also boost its marketing spread. If you are about to release a new trainer why not create an athletics flash game where all the runners are wearing your shoe? Or, if you are thinking of releasing a new flavour of chewing gum, why not build a game that allows people to make their own flavour. You can then produce the best one.
  • 4. They can be utilised as a testing/training platform for your staff

    The days of staff training videos are passed. The dawn of staff training games is here. Why have your staff sit in front of a dusty old TV set, watching a painfully boring and outdated training video when you can sit them down in front of a pc and get them involved. Games can even be used in conjunction with training videos! Multiple choice games can be utilised as a final test of what your staff have learnt. It’s a well known fact that active participation helps people learn better than observation.

  • 5. They can also help build and reinforce brand recognition

    Of course you can use flash games as good old brand awareness generators. Simply by creating an interesting, unique or addictive game and associating it with your company and brand you can create a self sustaining publicity driver. If the game is good enough to go viral you can expect to see your brand all over the internet, reaching places you could never have even imagined it would have. There’s no sure fire way to create something worthy of ‘viral’ status but if you manage it you will have struck a marketing gold mine.

Play Our Free Flash Games

Now you know the advantages of flash games we guess you’re ready to get making your own! But wait, why not play our free flash games first? Below you can find a few examples of games we have created for different clients, including the legendary Something Fishy (it has quite a cult following). The best thing is you can play them all for free!

For more information on our flash animation games service or if you have any questions regarding flash animation games or their implementation please either drop us an email or give us a bell on 01753 878 435.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our Flash Animation examples.

Image One Attribution: Anti T. Nissinen

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