Getting Started With SEO on Your WordPress Website

Millions of websites throughout the world use WordPress very effectively whatever the subject matter of their website is. Although originally built as a blogging platform the superb content management system (CMS) that is WordPress makes almost anything possible using WordPress. All kinds of different websites from e-commerce to blog utilize WordPress.

One of WordPress’ most useful features are plug-ins. Easily installable add-ons that will enable your website to do just about anything, whether it be a small sitemap builder plug-in to huge e-commerce conversions.  This is where you should start with SEO for your website.

To get your SEO started you will need to install a few simple plug-ins such as an SEO management system such as Yoast SEO, an XML sitemap creator and a plug-in to ensure your URLs can be rewritten. A sitemap creator will make it easier for Google to be aware of your websites structure and pages and should get your web pages indexed by Google easier.

A plug-In  for structured and canonical URLs is also important. A major factor in Google ranking is whether the keyword appears in the URL and whether the URL is relevant to the subject. If a URL is nothing but letters and code, you will not benefit from it.

Lastly and most importantly, the SEO management system, such as Yoast is essential for optimizing your on-page SEO, which is essential for any SEO campaign. The management system should give you a basic insight into making a page perform well in the Google rankings. Factors such as keyword density, amount of content and content friendliness are all monitored by the Yoast plug-in and are all factors for SEO.

The above plug in list should get your started in SEO and make your site visible to search engines, albeit with basic SEO it will only be small pockets of traffic you will be able to attract to your website.

Of course to really make an impact in improving your ranking you will have to have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to gain some real traction. Luckily, we at Binamic have the experience and expertise to help, call us now on 01753 878 435 to discuss your SEO needs.
Written by Chris Rendell

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