GlaxoSmithKline | GSK

Having worked on many successful health and safety communication web development projects in partnership with Hill Solomon, we were asked to provide GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) with a tailor made solution, specific to their needs and requirements.

Custom Web Development

With designs provided by Hill Solomon’s accomplished designers we have built an internal communications and training website. Developed as an internal, login protected but internationally available site, this tailored worldwide tool serves as a resource base for GSK’s employees. Used for implementing the company’s health & safety training plan, it helps to convey vital information, raising risk awareness and influencing a behavioural change among the GSK workforce.

Web Development – Additional Functionalities

The website has also been developed to highlight and allow the discussion of health and safety issues, open access to resources and promote the sharing of crucial internal training materials. These objectives were achieved through our development of:

- A built-in PHP forum (extending the website’s usability, as well as ensuring repeat user engagement and communication)
- A website login facility, which allows to monitor access and users
- An ftp account relating to the site (centralised solution to file distribution issues usually occurring in large-scale health and safety training programs within organizations).

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