Google Presents: The Panda 3.92

The Ways of the Panda

Here at Binamic, we may be pretty good at building websites, but even we have to respect the power of search engines, or in this case, Google. So when Google periodically release changes to their search engine’s algorithm, being able to understand it is vital, as its influence is nothing short of global.

Yesterday (September 18th 2012), Google announced the release of an update to their search result ranking algorithm, also known as ‘Panda 3.92′.

Panda 3.92 Explained

What it is: Google panda, first released in February 2011, is the code name of a change to Google’s search results and named after engineer Navneet Panda. The aim of Panda is to lower the page rank of “low quality sites”, causing them to appear less frequently in the first page of the search results. Therefore, this allows “higher-quality” useful sites to occupy higher positions on search result pages.

Panda is the physical embodiment of Google’s desire to make using their search engine more convenient for their users, by removing low-quality pages only concerned with trying to gain visits. The 3.92 update builds upon Google’s commitment to user convenience and usability with approximately 0.7% of searches being noticeably affected.

Potential Legacy

The way Panda impacts a site’s ranking is very different from its predecessors, as it affects the entire website’s rank instead of just the individual pages. Panda upon release, relying on artificial intelligence to evaluate websites and help determine their place in search results, mistakenly decreased the ratings of legitimate websites which caused them to drastically loose visitors.

A company’s position on search engine results pages could mean its salvation or destruction. Unfortunately, as many businesses have found out, falling out of the top results could result in many job losses. Only the future can tell, but “white hat” SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best and only long-term solution to retaining a consistent placing and “pleasing the Panda”.

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