Great Examples of Successful Social Media Campaigns

Great Examples of Successful Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing is now become more important than SEO. Social Media campaigns are as much as important how you manage your website.

Social media is about new ideas and concepts that below examples proves.

1) Fifa WorldCup

The whole world was involved in Fifa Worldcup and people updating posts with goals, footballer, winning story etc…everyday more than 17000 hashtags was used in twitter tagging #wordlcup

2) Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge is for a Nobel charity, dumping full bucket of ice on head and nominate other person to get involve in charity, is become so viral that no one can imagine. From president to sportsman to celebrities everyone have took the #IceBucketChallenge and raised money for charity. It become very popular, people update their status with #IceBucketChallenge on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube every seconds. Nobody have imagined that it could be so popular.

Same thing we have seen for Cancer Research awareness where ladies have published their photos on social media sites without makeup.

3) Greggs

Greggs have found that the company logo was not appearing correct in right hand side panel in Google search engine and they have asked Google in unique way to get it fix.

 And two minutes after, Google replied “That’s all done now @GreggstheBakers, #FixGreggs is now #FixedGreggs,”

And Greggs digital brand manager have replied “Aaaand relax! Maybe those kind folks @GoogleUK could give us the doodle tomorrow?”

And Google replied in last: “Whoops! Sorry @GreggstheBakers. #FixGreggs #FixedGreggs #AteGreggs.”

There was a quick and strong response in twitter as Twitter is not much a marketing tool as a platform for conversation.”

In Social media campaigns, its very important to do in right way using innovative ideas.

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