Guide to get your business mobile-ready

Does your business have a desktop website but not mobile friendly website? Do you have to scroll up and down or have to zoom to read the content? If ‘YES’, your business definitely need mobile website.

Mobile website has become part of the regular website now, if any IT company or web developer says it is not required for your website, then do not agree it. If you would like to set up(or already have) online business then you should have one nice user friendly website that should access properly in all devices(mobile, tablet and desktop – it called responsive website) and it does not matter what size and kind of business you have…

“Do you know? there is over 1.75 billion smartphone users worldwide.. And still if you don’t agree having mobile website then you could be missing out your potential and loyal customers”

Here are the easy three steps to maximise the potential of business from your mobile -

Step 1: Get your mobile website first

Example of our client - Car Leasing Made Simple's mobile websiteIf you have a website, then first of all take a Google’s Mobile friendly test to find out if your website is mobile friendly. Or alternatively, you can also check in your smartphone and check below three things :

  • How quickly your website load – That called website loading speed, your website should be open fast within 5 to 10 seconds. If takes longer than you need to ask your web developer to get it fix.
  • Does your website fit on a small screen? – Your website should fit into your mobile size, you do not have to zoom to read or browse any content. For brief info – you can check our website – in your smartphone to get idea how your website should be.
  • Is key information visible without scrolling? – Main information of the website(of your business) should be visible or highlight without scrolling.

Normally there are two steps to have a proper mobile friendly business – one is Mobile website and other is Responsive website. Basically mobile website is a completely a different website than a normal desktop site, which is mainly created for users with keeping mind of what information you want to show.

Responsive website is only one website, that fits on any device and sizes. Big brands normally go for separate mobile website to show limited pages and content for mobile users.

If you have a website than here is another great tool from Google – PageSpeed Insights that can suggest ways to improve loading speed of your website for both mobile and desktop.

Step 2 : Get your business to appear on Google and Engage your mobile users with social media

After a website, make your website ready to appear on Google and find your business for your users. Here is Google My Business, might be your first good place to start. Google My Business puts your business info on Search, Maps and Google+ so your potential customers can find you and it is an easy way to start expanding your mobile presence.

Social Media has become one the most important website marketing and is a big part of the mobile experience too. We love social media because is a great way to engage customers directly. The states in US says, 42% of smartphone users visit social network sites at least weekly on their devices. And this number is higher in Asia and European countries. So you will get better idea, how social media is important these days.

You simply need to create your account first in these social media account – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube, Vine etc.. And start sharing your interesting content, photos, stories and videos regularly. If you have a ecommerce website then the best.. Simply share your product photos, news, deals, offers, new line up and let your customers know.

For social media, patience and effort is very importantly needed. You can set yourself a schedule to get into routing of updating regularly. If you don’t have time for it, then you can hire proper social media experts or company for your help, like us :)

Step 3: Do not forget about SEO

You might have heard about SEO, it is very popular and strong way to get your potential customers on your website from search engine like – Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is very important to appear your website on the top of the search engine by typing relevant keyword of your business and services.

If you have questions and would like to have helping hand for your SEO or social media activity, we are here for you… Also do not forget we have in-house ecommerce website experts and web designers so for any help.. Simply email us on or phone us on 01753 878 435.

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