How to Setup Google Plus Authorship in WordPress

Google authorship is a relatively new concept dreamt up by Google in a bid to allow people to be able to gain credibility in a subject when writing about it on the internet and also boost your SEO for WordPress. The more cynical amongst us would even go as far as saying that Google also created authorship to force more people to join Google+. Whatever your thoughts about why Google may have set up authorship many SEO industry experts predict that they will rely more and more on authorship in the future when attempting to rank websites.

The benefits of activating Google Plus authorship in WordPress or on your website far outweigh the negatives.  It requires very little effort to add authorship markup to any blog post or article you write (which would have been the only negative really!) The benefits include the potential to gain fans and followers of your writing and content and the ability to be ranked in terms of quality by Google.

Thanks to our kind and helpful nature Binamic have put together an easy guide on how to setup Google Authorship for your website.

Setting Up Google Authorship in WordPress to boost SEO for WordPress

Step 1

Google Plus Profile for seo for wordpress articleSetup and prepare your Google Plus account if you don’t already have one. Once setup, you will want to edit your profile to include your website and any others you write for in the “contributor to” section of your Google Plus profile. (As you can see in this image)

Step 2

Link your WordPress blog or site to Google Plus. If you have not already, download the Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin which has the functionality built in to automatically add the required authorship code to every blog post. All you have to do is just paste your profiles URL in the authorship section of the plugin setup. Your profile URL will look something like this: with your unique numbers replacing the #.

Alternatively, if your website is not a WordPress site you will need to add the code manually. You can either add it to your sites template for the blog posts or manually on every new post you create. The code required is as follows <a rel=”author” href=””>

Step 3

Sit back and watch your mug start appearing in SERPs. Once you’ve added the code to your website, and your site has been indexed in Google, you will see the following appear in the search results:

Ryan Hill Face In SERPs for Google+ authorship and WordPress SEO article

Your Google Plus thumbnail will show up in the search results, along with your name and of course the article itself. Once you’re authority increases, and you write several articles, text telling the viewer the number of articles you have written will start appearing. And there you have it, setting up Google Plus Authorship and boosting your SEO for WordPress really is that simple.

If you would like any help setting up Google authorship on your website or would like to discuss any other WordPress related queries, please contact us on 01753 878 435.

Written by Ryan Hill

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