How your search bar works in ecommerce website?

Small things makes big difference that we believe. This happens to Ecommerce website as well… If you own an Ecommerce website then it’s important to check search bar that properly work.

Small website changes could convert more current visitors into customers by providing what they want straight forward without lost in big and busy website.

Search bar is one of the most important internal search functionality usually located on top of the website or top right hand side area.

Let’s Look at how to improve search bar for users to increase conversions :

1) Search bar should located to correct position

There are plenty of ecommerce website and all have their own different business with unique needs. Based on your business, it should have ideal searchbar location.

For example, In Asda grocery website, they have used search bar on the top where people can easily see.

For your ecommerce designers and developers it will not take longer to built searchbar.

Over 95% of visitors look at the top right corner of website for a search bar. Search bar makes things very easy to find products in seconds.

2) Add a bit of Usability and Visuals to your search bar.

Small changes increase conversion rates. Here is an example of PC World store, they have added search bar on the top and there is text inside draws quick attention to first time users.

Important to check on mobile phone and tablet that the position appears correctly.

3) Ensure searchbar showing right results

On many ecommerce platforms such as magento, wordpress and others, shows  most popular queries used within searchbar. That gives valuable information on how people are trying to find out.

Search Terms No. Times of Use
teddy bear 135
teddy bears 121
brown teddy bear 46
baby teddy bear 24
yellow teddy bear 19

It’s important to cross check your search bar with relevant searches that your user look for. And all queries needs to show the best result. Also important to check typos and misspellings, sometimes it ruin searches and provide false results.

4) Relevant searches

Here is another good example of relevant searches. In pc world website it shows nice relevant searches that people commonly look for. For example – just typed lap and all relevant close terms appear for quick search.

These auto complete search bar makes things easy.

If you have any problem with in your website or fixing searchbar you  can contact our ecommerce developers are highly qualified having knowledge of majority of ecommerce platforms.

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