It’s a safer internet day – Stay Safe and Secure

Today, It is an official ‘Safer Internet Day’ which is organised by Insafe in February of each year to promote safe and secure online technology and mobile devices.

The ‘Safer Internet Day’ follows a strap line – ‘Let’s create a better internet together‘. On 10th February 2015, all the world are celebrating the safer internet day to stay safe and secure.

Online security has become one of the most important factor in online web world. Most of the people are using an online banking, shopping, connecting social media websites with personal information like name, photo and main important banking details.

According Gallup research, more people are worried about their online accounts being hacked than having their home broken into.

Gallup Research - people are worried more about online safety and security

If you are running an online business and accessing your account online, you should be careful and keep in mind about the safe browsing.

Google's approach for safer internet day

Google is also celebrating ‘Safer Internet Day’ and provide the latest tips to help you stay safe and secure online. Find Google tips here -

Let’s take a look quick steps to stay safe

  • In your computer or device, do not open marvellous containing website.
  • Your device should have legal antivirus software and use it regularly.
  • Keep schedule and manage to back up your important stuff on regular basis.
  • Do not use a ‘dozy website’ to buy any cheap stuff.
  • Always purchase standard and well-trusted software, do not use third party software which may harm your device or collect your data.
  • Keep your browser history clear after any purchase and online banking.
  • Never save the password for online banking specially.
  • Never use public computers for online banking or other financial accounts.
  • Keep changing password regularly and never use birthdays, family or pet names. Use both lower and upper case with numbers to make strong password.
  • Never trust anyone providing your personal banking details, not your friends and family.

There is nothing to worry about surfing online web, but taking some precaution helps you from unwanted financial and mental hassle.

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