LinkedIn: Business Tool for Professionals

Do not think it is only Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, MySpace, and recently Google+1 that can be included in your business marketing and customer relationship management.

Leveraging on LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

LinkedIn, unlike the other Social Media platforms mentioned earlier, is used to connect professionals. It represents your curriculum vitae as it provides room for stating information about you, what you do, recommendations from your past and present colleagues / superiors. It is a virtual place where recommendations could be made and your business could be promoted. There is also the option of including a link to your company’s website – and you know what this means to Internet marketers?.. :)

There are some unique facts that make LinkedIn stand out from the other social media platforms:

  • Represents over 150 countries and over 170 different industries
  • Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are members
  • There are 60 million available connections in LinkedIn
  • A new member joins approximately every second.

But what it all means to you is that it is possible to get serious minded customers and business partners via LinkedIn. It is for the professionals!

Other benefits of LinkedIn are:

  • Increased visibility of your company and products
  • Easy collaboration with colleagues, customers, and industry thought leaders
  • Excellent source of SEO-friendly links. Google loves LinkedIn and you have the ability to create great anchor text for your website links, which are given the do-follow attribute
  • Allows you the ability to research your competition, customers or partners.


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