Looking After Your Link Profile

Dependent on your knowledge of online trends and SEO in general, you may know that 2012 has been a defining year for the industry. Google’s algorithm updates have changed the entire face of SEO. Thanks to the Panda update, which targeted low quality websites, on-site SEO has been altered forever. In addition to this off-site SEO has changed due to the Penguin update, which targeted web spam.

Google’s algorithm classes link profiles as one of the most important things with regard to SEO. Before the Penguin update, Google would consider both quantity and quality of links in order to determine your rank in their search engine result pages (SERPs) for certain keywords. However, Google now hold the quality of the links with much higher regard. This means that low quality links that previously would not have a negative effect on your profile now do.

Thanks to these changes it seems that Google have made it even harder for novices and beginners to carry out successful SEO. Without experience or knowledge in exactly what a good link is, you risk damaging your websites ranking in and, in turn, your business’s profits too.

So what has changed with regard to back linking over the last few months? Well, firstly Google cracked down hard on obvious spammer websites with mostly poor quality links. They then gave websites a chance with the announcement of the Disavow tool. This allowed webmasters to check their link profile and attempt to get bad links devalued by Google before their website got its reputation irreversibly damaged.

So SEO is now very much about quality instead of quantity. Gone are the days where you could submit your links to mediocre web directories and half think out a comment on an irrelevant blog. No, now SEO’s have to be patient when seeking a link. They must first find an authoritative site in the correct niche and attempt to get a link on a reputable page or relatively close to the top level domain. Techniques such as careful blog commenting and guest blogging can be useful here, particularly if you can get the guest post featured on the homepage.

One high quality link could be worth 1000’s of old style lower quality links in the new algorithm update. This means that SEO has changed for good. It must now, almost exclusively, be white hat orientated. Sketchy and poor quality tactics are frugal and pointless if you want sustained success in search engines. Outsourcing link building projects could also be harder than ever with many professional SEO’s wanting to keep as close an eye as possible on what links are put where, just like us at Binamic.

We at Binamic appreciate how difficult changes in SEO can be. We have years of experience and a firm grasp on the updated ranking algorithm. If you are worried about your link profile, we can help identify bad links and clean them up. Contact us on 01753 878435 or email us today.

Written By Chris Rendell

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