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Lurot Brand is an estate agent established in 1971 specialising in rental and sale of luxury homes in London. Decades of experience have earned the company great reputation both amongst clients and within the industry, but it needed professional assistance with capitalising on the growing online activity of both property buyers and sellers.

Based on a recommendation, the company’s Directors met up several times with Binamic’s SEO team to discuss how our unique and unrivalled approach could help the client’s current website gain more natural (“organic”) and relevant traffic. In addition, we also discussed ideas for improving on-site conversions as well as provided general online and offline marketing ideas.

SEO Analysis

After careful consideration of the current, bespoke CMS website, Binamic created a comprehensive proposal for in-depth keyword research and on-site optimisation driven by the uncovered search trends and opportunities.

The focus of the SEO research and is to find and focus on multiple relevant key as well as “long-tail” (i.e. more complex) search queries that potential clients use in Google and other search engines. The purpose here is to increase traffic from people that do not yet know the Lurot Brand name (creating new brand awareness and exposure).

On-site SEO Optimisation

As the client’s website has been built as a bespoke Content Management System (CMS), a full technical audit of the site – from an SEO perspective – would be beneficial. But, with ROI in mind, we proposed a “health check” of the pages that have the best SEO potential. This also helps us ensure there are no barriers – from a technical perspective – that might restrict search engine robots (spiders) from crawling or indexing those pages.

Working on the basis of uncovered keyword trends and pinpointed opportunities lets us improve the onsite performance of the site within Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs). For this, the on-page work was to focus on both:

  • full optimisation of existing category and property listings pages
  • as well as plugging any “content gaps” in the site and, achieved by careful creation of multiple additional, SEO-friendly sections and landing pages to satisfy the search requirements of potential clients.

As the work is in progress we cannot yet monitor the effects of the optimisation, but will be sure to update this past as soon as development is completed and Google re-indexes the improved website.

Off-site SEO (Link Building)

Of course any on-site optimization work should be tied closely with off-site SEO (“link building”) to ensure increased authority of the site in general and optimized pages in particular. The more

competitive the keywords targeted, the more off-site efforts are needed to ensure traffic continues to increase through keywords rising up the rankings in Google.

Professional SEO

Over the years our SEO consultancy  has built a reputation for efficiency and professionalism by serving our clients’ interests and maximizing the potential of their online presence.

Our approach is heavily focused towards a sustainable ROI strategy. Binamic deploy various techniques to conduct in-depth research of consumer search behaviours – a prerequisite for any successful SEO campaign. Our USP lies in the fact that we are not only a respected SEO consultant, but we can also implement any necessary improvements on websites and their content, as well as create new, optimised landing pages to generate high quantity and quality inbound traffic.

If you own a website and are interested in our personalized SEO services please contact us on 01753 878 435 today to discuss your needs.

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