Manage Your Brand Reputation

Have you got a website? Selling your business online? Doing SEO, Social Media in right way? If you want to build your strong online presence then first thing come is ‘Online Reputation’.

Online reputation is a very important to have, if you or your marketing agency managing SEO or Social Media campaign then it’s very important to do it in right way….

“Online reputation comes first, it’s important to manage and check”

How to check your online brand reputation?

1) Type your brand name in search engine

Search your brand name in Google and other search engines. Check some of the pages to find is there any negative result can you see. If yes then open an Excel sheet and start to make a list to resolve.

2) Check your social media campaign

Check your social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other which you have created for your company. Check your post, Likes, shares, comments that no any negative branding going on. If you found then add it into excel sheet.

3) Check Reviews

If you have an account on reviews website – such as Google Reviews, trust pilot, review centre, trip advisor, trusted reviews etc. then should check reviews and manage your negative reviews.

How to Improve Brand Reputation?

Improve brand reputation is not a night work, it will take time but you can start to improve brand reputation from today.

1) Good Customer Service

Good customer service is the core heart of any business that you do. If your website doing very well and getting behind from customer service than it cannot work. Good Customer service always return your customers. Nothing can be work without good customer service.

2) Reviews

If you do not use reviews that you should. Reviews makes a big impact on your business,  specially on ecommerce websites. People normally do research before to buy from any website and the product so you can use Trust Pilot, review centre kind of website that does very easy.

3) Social Media

Social media is the strong way to build brand reputation, social media makes a big impact if you do it in right way. If you do not use it regularly then you are missing the power of social media.

4) Manage negative reviews

If you received negative reviews then find out where and why you got it. Why you get negative reviews that the most important and other way that’s good as well to improve service. No one can be perfect. So handle the negative reviews in mature way by writing apologies note, gesture voucher.

5) Ask your Customers Opinion

Customer opinions are the way to improve website and service.

Online reputation needs to check regularly to maintain brand’s name.

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