Mobile Friendly Test tool from Google

On 18th November 2014, Google has launched its mobile friendly test tool, showing your website passes or fails in the test.

Check your site with Mobile-Friendly Test

Find the tool here – and just simply add your website URL which you want to test.
Example – Here, we have checked our own Binamic website and showing the message – Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.

Binamic - Mobile friendly test

Note – It test only one page which you want to test not complete entire site.
If your website meets following criteria then you will receive the same message,

  • User text must be readable without zooming
  • Avoids bulky software that is not common on mobile devices such as Flash
  • Sizes content should have to fit to the screen so users don’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom
  • The links are far enough apart so easy to tap for users

If it fails to meet the above criteria then will show “Not mobile-friendly” message.

Check in Google Webmaster  –

Now, you can see the mobile usability report in Google Webmaster tools(GWT), shows all the major usability issues across the entire website, not just one page.

Binamic - Mobile friendly errors check in Google webmasterIf you want to see what pages that does not meet Google Criteria, simply click on specific error and gives you URLs with last detected date.

Binamic SEO Consultants says, “As we can see, Google is more fancy and care about user experience that we all need to focus on our website and our online business. Seeing the future, the majority of the online business will going to be taken by mobile, so we would definitely suggest to have your website responsive that boost user experience as people would like to browse your website and is important to keep users on your website to increase sales.”

If you have any question regarding your website or would like to get more business, simply call Binamic digital web experts to help you out…

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