On-Brand Web Design

As a company, we are fastidious about the design of websites. This means not only getting the designs themselves pixel perfect, but also making sure navigation, usability and all the minutest details are fully thought through too.

So you would have thought with the experience of over 200 web sites behind us, we could churn out great web designs in our sleep?!

Well – of course it is not quite that straightforward. There is one massive variable that often gets overlooked by web designers – even really good ones who are occasionally perhaps blinkered in striving for design purity:


On the one hand it gets in the way of everything doesn’t it? Especially if the existing brand isn’t to the web designer’s taste – ‘I mean how can you possibly design a lovely site with that horrible logo and colour palette?!‘ But on the other – it is the most important element of business identity! A website has to reflect a company’s brand 100%, and that is a surprisingly tricky thing for a web designer to achieve consistently.

Our approach is that a great web designer should be able to design a fantastic site for any brand – it is part of the challenge. And it is not a case of making compromises either. If it is a tricky brand to work with, it just takes more skill and effort to create something brilliant, that’s all. It is not impossible if the designer is good enough.

You may notice – we don’t have a house ‘style’ for our web designs – they are all individual and very different. There is a very good reason for this. All of our clients have their own individual and very different brands! We take the brand, we ask lots of questions about it, we apply our web design knowledge and experience to the test. Each time we try to create something that strengthens the brand, the business, our relationship with our client, and our portfolio!

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