Perceive how your website appears in search engines

If you are doing SEO for your own website or your agency doing behalf of you then it is very important to check that how your website appears in search engines. It’s extremely important to see how your website is represented in search engine results.

First impression always count, and the quality of your search engine listing can play a big role on whether your website receives a click or gets ignored entirely for another website.


In Google, type this search query “” (Change to your website URL)you will able to see all the indexed pages from search engine.

Here is example of our website “” to see how it appears on Google.

Not satisfied with result?

You will see the website pages listing with Page title, meta description tag along with URL and these are the main important areas that you need to look into properly.

Example of Meta Tags

Tips to get better website appearance -

Google Authorship and Schemas help you to get more expose of your website and it looks nice to see different comparatively others.

·         Google Authorship

Google Authorship Example

Google Authorship is way that Google is tweaking the search results in order to improve the searching experience where you can see picture of author right in the search results.

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·         Google Schemas

Google Schemas Example

Google Schemas is a method of categorizing and identifying information about different websites. Schemas helps to showcase your reviews and testimonials.

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If you would like to know more information or any query regarding website appearance in Google, ask our SEO consultants for your help!

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