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Located at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, Propshop has been providing specialist fabrication, 3D modelling, 3D scanning and manufacture services to the TV & Film industry for 14 years. Having worked on such blockbusters as Zero Dark Thirty, Captain America and The Dark Knight Rises they felt they needed a website to suit their A-list credentials.

After contacting us upon a recommendation from their sister company PS Composites, for who we designed a Magento e-commerce site , we began talks with Propshop on what they required. Due to the interesting nature of the work they carry out, such as 3D printing for the latest Bond film Skyfall, they wanted a website that could showcase it in all its glory. Add to this the fact that they are soon to launch a new Film & Entertainment Collector’s Club, where they will sell limited edition items of film merchandise from past and present blockbusters, it was clear that they needed a great site quickly.

WordPress CMS

Propshop’s previous site was completely Flash-based and therefore its many pages were “invisible” to Google.  As googlebots were unable to crawl the site,  they could not collect information for its indexing (if pages are not indexed, they cannot be shown in search results pages to potential clients). It also meant that Google Analytics could not be used to monitor the site’s traffic and performance. Due to their website’s poor performance, Propshop had to rely solely on existing contacts in the industry to drum up new business.

After analysing the old website and consulting with the Propshop team, we decided a  new development would be quicker and far more beneficial than an attempted repair of the original flash based design. For this purpose we suggested the use of WordPress CMS, which would be highly customised to their exact needs.

Propshop were keen to design their own layout and content, so we created the new website to their exact specifications. Alongside this we also trained the Propshop team in how to use the CMS so they would be able to make changes themselves in the future.

On-Site SEO

Whilst following the client’s precise design specification, we also explained on-site SEO to the Propshop team. Over the years our SEO consultants have developed an approach which is strongly focused on sustainable ROI. As it was important for the new site to generate new inquiries for the client and create brand exposure, we were happy to agree a WordPress SEO support package to coincide with the build. This included:

•    full keyword research (based on Propshop’s specialist services)
•    a pre-design SEO training session of the company’s key staff responsible for the website’s look and content (including explaining of how page structure and taxonomy affects a page’s performance in search engines, the use of key phrases in content and meta data, and many other basic and useful SEO tips)
•    ongoing support and consultations, from the site and content planning, through the build to putting finishing touches on the key pages.

Through this close collaboration and training we ensured not only that  the new site will perform well, but also that Propshop’s staff will be well equipped to continue to create additional, optimised content on their newly built bespoke website.

After a quick turnaround we are happy to announce that site is already live and can be accessed by clicking the image at the top left.

If you feel that your business’ website needs a redesign or would like to find out more about our SEO services please call us on 01753 878435 or email us today.

Written by Ryan Hill


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