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Situated near Pinewood and the Warner Bros film studios, PS Composites are expert providers of quality materials and construction services to the UK and international film industry, as well as many other global sectors. Experts in fibre-glass, RTV mould-making silicones, prosthetics and polyurethane foams, they frequently work on big blockbusters. Some of their more recent productions include “Skyfall”, “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Zero Dark Thirty”.

After the completion of our work for the PS Composites team – building them a Magento ecommerce site – they saw their traffic and conversions increase significantly. As a result of this, we discussed how we could further assist them in building a professional and profitable online presence to match their offline reputation. After thorough research and discussion it became apparent that the next step was on-site SEO to increase the website’s organic traffic.

On-site Search Engine Optimisation

To do this we identified some key areas that we felt needed the most attention:

  • Blog Posts

Through our own methodical research, and after briefly interviewing one of the expert team at PS Composites, we have written an initial batch of three blog posts. These fresh, relevant and optimised articles have been created to draw targeted traffic to the site and are written around thorough keyword research. The first, on the use of Scott Bader Resins, has already gone live. The posts will also be utilised for internal linking and to increase visitor dwell time. Further to this they are an opportunity for PS Composites to demonstrate the expert knowledge of both products and techniques, for which they are famous within the international film industry.

  • Product Pages

We have created optimised product category pages to improve usability and to draw further targeted traffic to the site. Within some of these pages we have also added optimised text based on further keyword research. As we know, Google loves content. These product pages were the perfect place to add some tasty bait for its bots to pick up next time they crawled the site.

  • Optimised Meta Title, Description And Taxonomy For The Homepage

Based on the systematic keyword research carried out, we created an optimised and relevant meta title and description for the homepage. We also edited the homepage’s taxonomy to focus on the most advantageous keywords.

  • Use of Canonical Tags

We implemented the rel=”canonical” mark-up on all category and product pages. The result being that, when Google indexes all the site’s product pages, it knows which one is preferred to be returned in SERPs. This also improves the authority of the ‘key’ pages which means they are held in higher regard by Google.

  • Other changes

We also carried out other, smaller but no less important, SEO tasks. These included improving internal linking, editing of certain product page URLs based on keyword research and other tasks.

Future SEO

We still have plenty of ideas and work to do as part of our expert SEO consultancy service for the PS Composites team. Further optimised blog posts will continue to keep their site relevant and fresh to both Google and site visitors. Creating an archive of relevant and informative blog posts will also hopefully have a lasting effect on the website’s authority, as people naturally link to the articles.

We will also be pursuing high quality, high page rank backlinks for the site. This will give it the further authority boost it needs to climb even higher in SERPs and gain more traffic.

If you feel that your website could benefit from a professional, personalised and thorough SEO revamp then please do not hesitate to contact us or call us on 01753 878435 today to discuss your needs.

Written by Ryan Hill

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