Purple Contracts – Bespoke Car Leasing Website

Purple Contracts approached Binamic through a recommendation, due to our experience with both creating, as well as maintaining some of the best car leasing websites currently available. We are proud of the feedback received from the client:

Binamic were recommended to me by one of my colleagues in the industry because we were having trouble getting our existing web developers to make our visions a reality. Binamic have been awesome from the start. They understood exactly what I was talking about, and the answer to my (sometimes difficult) questions has always been “No problem”.

My website has all the functionality that I wanted it to have. They are always available to answer questions and, so far, support has been second-to-none. Furthermore, from first enquiry to completion took just a couple of weeks. Even better was that fact that it didn’t break the bank! I’m absolutely delighted and will have no hesitation in personally recommending them to anyone.

Glen Newman – Director, Purple Contracts

Bespoke Car Leasing Website Development

Binamic are experts at creating beautiful and functional car leasing websites. This project is another one of our specialties: a dynamic, data-driven car leasing website that uses continuously updated, automatic data feeds from CAP Motor Research and funding data.

The website has a powerful, bespoke CMS (Content Management System) that allows the client to upload deals and rate books from various funders, as well as singular “specials”, quickly and easily. The coding of the website then does all the hard work and calculates the best offers to display on the front end to potential customers.

Expertise and unique knowledge of complex databases and the car leasing industry allows Binamic to provide highest quality e-commerce web development solutions – at very competitive prices.

Car Leasing Websites That Perform

Binamic pay attention not only to visual impact, but also to a site’s performance. Thus, our car leasing websites are custom-developed according to latest coding best practice. We also ensure the structure is “search engine friendly” to promote organic (natural) traffic.

Need a bespoke car leasing website? Contact us by phone on 0208 1335444 or email us today.

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