Search Engine Optimisation

…is what everyone wants to know about, and it is clearly one of the most important aspects of web design.

There are plenty of specialist companies out there offering to optimise your site, and there is a lot that can be done to existing sites. But, in our experience, by far the most effective method is to build the site from the ground up with search engines in mind. Before the content is written, and the design even thought about, the first questions should be “What keywords and phrases are we aiming for?”

Convincing clients that this is actually more important than their site looking really pretty can be tough. Just think about it for a moment: when you do searches in Google – the top results are not that rarely pig ugly sites!

However – if you build from the ground up for SEO and code properly, it is possible to have sites that perform well and look great.

A good example of this is this cuban cigar site we coded (designed externally by graphic designer Henri Phillips) – it looks great and has performed exceptionally well – Number 2 out of 1.6 million results in a google search for “mail order cigars” (done today).

One that we launched today was a site designed by Hill Solomon for health and safety posters. This could be a trickier challenge, as there isn’t a huge amount of content for the search engines, but we have targeted the the term “Safety Posters”, so lets see how it goes!

If it works, then Binamic are the gods of search engine optimised sites!

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