SEO Consultant Rates

New clients invariably ask us “how much is SEO going to cost me?” Well, erm, how long is a piece of string…

Think about it: would a serious expert in any field work for a few bob (dollars, yen, euros etc for our international readers) per month? But do not worry – SEO services aren’t necessarily as pricey as you might think. Our world class SEO services do not have world class prices.

(For an infographic showing average SEO consultant rates and costs please scroll to the bottom of this page.)

To give you some solid information, currently we help clients with optimisation projects ranging from:

  • one-off budgets of a few hundred pounds
  • “ad-hoc” assistance with finding and providing quick on-site fixes that can bring the biggest positive results
  • creation of optimised landing pages and copywriting of press releases – at very pocket-friendly two figure prices
  • to managing ongoing, multifaceted and tailored campaigns with happy, loyal clients committing £2000 +VAT/month of their marketing budgets to their online success – driven by our passionate team. (After a client sees great results from an initial optimisation project, it doesn’t take much convincing for them to agree to a monthly strategy deal).

Time To Represent SEO Consultant RatesWe believe that any good SEO consultancy rates should be based on the hourly cost of the necessary work. But how much work will your website need? Here are some things to consider:

  • Is your website’s structure SEO-friendly, or does it need a partial or full clean up?*
  • What industry do you operate in (very competitive online; interesting and fast-paced; very technical or niche; etc.)
  • What key phrases would you like your pages to rank for?
  • How does your site currently perform?
  • Does it have any authority, or would we need to build it from scratch?
  • How does SEO tie into your overall marketing (offline, Social Media, other)?

No real, experienced optimisation expert will tell you their definite SEO pricing for a project before understanding the challenges and agreeing the scope of work. Moreover, we believe it is only natural that the cost of any work correlates to its results. Thus, we always discuss client expectations and the best SEO KPIs for their business and website. As we provide a personalised approach (which our clients really appreciate when they see the results of increased relevant traffic!), we have no set pricing either – whether for our expert consultancy or actual “legwork”.

Web spam and the penguin for SEO consultant rates(Un?)Fortunately a lot of busy company owners are used to the set price, “one-solution-fits-all” approach that has been spamming us from abroad (you know exactly what we mean, even Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Web Spam team, gets SEO spam emails) over the last few years. But as 2012 saw Google targeting website and link spam with a vengeance, it is now completely DEAD. Google’s updates, which seriously damaged many organisations either through lower rankings or outright penalties, simply revealed the nasty, delayed effects of cheap, “black-hat” SEO.

The “shortcut” approach to optimisation, aside from having a disastrous impact on some websites, also managed to give the industry a bad name. Moreover, it left a legacy of unrealistically low cost expectations.

As always in life, you get what you pay for.

We kindly ask you to consider our view of what it means to provide affordable SEO services UK in the new SEO landscape.

Let us help you get to the top – contact us to discuss your requirements, request client testimonials or case studies.

SEO Consultant Rates - Infographic

Infographic created by AYTM

*In certain cases, Binamic can provide an on-site SEO audit free of charge for new clients – email us to check if you qualify.

Written by Ryan Hill

Image Two Attribution: Alan Cleaver

Image Three Attribution: barmala

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