SEO for Magento

One good thing to know about Magento is that its a well built, SEO-friendly platform. It offers really good support for any optimisation work due to its flexibility and accuracy. I am sure you will ask how?

One fundamental example comes from the URL formulation. Magento offers the opportunity of customising your URLs and meta tags to suit you (meaning you can choose your url and meta tags based on the keywords you are optimising for). It also automatically creates 301 redirects (from the old “address” of a page to your newly created, optimised URL!). This is unlike the traditional e-commerce implementations that only support automatic URL creation, which might be meaningless to search engines,  and leave your site with a lot of 404 (“not found”) pages..

Another example is that Magento allows for the inclusion of internal search bars on websites, which can help to drive traffic to the website. This is because you can specify which internal search results pages are useful and should be treated as “static”, thus allowing Google to index them.

There are many more reasons why Magento is a well-primed platform. But, as any tool, it has to be used correctly to deliver results!

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