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Google loves content – SEO strategy

What more can you ask for than for your website to make sense to both search engines and human beings. It is a professional SEO practice to always know what the e-business is all about and what the clients and potential clients always look out / search for (keywords) when looking for the kind of goods and services provided by your business.

Each part of the site – pages, their headings and meta data (header tags like H1, H2, etc., meta descriptions), internal links and their anchor text, actual assets (text and images) etc. – all should be geared towards relevant, researched keywords. Getting these right will form the basis of generating the keyword rich content relevant to each page and giving a meaning to people’s visit to the site. Search engines will, therefore, find it easy to index the pages of the site and, thereby, make them available from search results.

Recent SEO Task – SEO Case Study

Binamic has been in the business of giving websites organic traffic and search position a boost through rich contents while making them appealing to users at the same time. For example, Binamic did an awesome job to give different pages on Kuati website good meaning while they are bringing in more organic traffic to the site. Please find below the graph showing the changes in the search position with the indicated keywords. ‘citrine-by-the-stones’ soared Kuati site from position 30 to position 5 within a month of the SEO face-lifting. Same thing applies to the keyword – ‘Donkey Products’ – from position 50 to position 9.

SEO Keyword - Citrine by the stones
SEO Keyword - Donkey Products


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