SEO Link Building

Building Links with Caution

As good as links building is, it should be done with caution so that it does not turn into wasted efforts and even a negative effect in the long run. Some websites offer backlinks for free, some request a reciprocal link in return, others make you pay.

But for any link you are planning to create, the following principles could serve as guide:

  • Target quality links.

It is important to target quality links, i.e. links with higher page rank (PR) than yours and from reputable websites. If at all you want to go below that, you can go for links with same PR as yours or links with quality content that are relevant to your website’s/page’s topic. This assures you of no negative effect of the page losing its quality, in the future.

  • Make your page linkable.

Nobody would like to link to a low quality website – be it in terms of design, content or actual structure (coding). Therefore, work on your website, create good and optimised content based around an SEO friendly, keyword optimised taxonomy. This will also ensure that your website is search engine friendly and ranks high too.

  • See what competitors are doing.

There may be sources of inbound links you are not aware of, but which your competition has unearthed. Note: this should be done with caution so as not to look like a spammer.

  • Watch your anchor text.

Ensure the anchor text you use for link building is keyword rich and relevant. But don’t overuse any particular keyword in all your links – search engines like Google are sensitive to this kind of unnatural linking patterns and can penalise your website.

  • Keep track of your links and keywords that drive traffic to your site.

It is good to know that your link building strategies are working. You should at least use Google Analytics for traffic tracking and analysis.

  • Never rest on your laurels.

Link building is a continuous activity. Keep doing it and don’t stop, even when you are seeing some good results. Keep building good quality links!

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