Social Media Sites and Tools to Use

Social Media sites to use

Social media become one of the major and important part of online marketing. If you are not using social media for your business then you are losing its power.

It’s important to open and set up business account before somebody else booked the name.

Here are the important social media sites -

  • Facebook- Facebook, majority of visits from social media sites generates from Facebook.
  • Twitter- Set up twitter profile for business and fill all the relevant information and share news, blogs, photos etc…
  • Google+ - Create business page and fill all the relevant business information and regularly share your news/ blogs, photos.
  • Instagram - Instagram is famous social networking site to share photos, videos enable users to take pictures and videos, also can apply digital filters to them and share them on a variety of social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.
  • Pinterest - Pinterest is photo sharing site. You can pin anything you want to save.
  • YouTube - Make videos and publish it on youtube. Youtube is most popular video sharing site. Visualadvertising helps to get more visits and brand publicity.
  • Slideshare - Make presentation slides and share it on slideshare. Best to include in content marketing strategy.

There are many different social media websites but the purpose is same as below-

  • Increase engagement
  • Build brand reputation and personality
  • Increase traffic
  • Reach target market
  • Free advertising to large audience

Social Media Tools to Use -

We know the power of social media sites but it’s also important to keep active social media sites by updating on regular basis by sharing photos, posts, commenting and engaging with audience.

Here are some awesome social media tools that will be helpful for you -

  • Hoot suite

Hoot suite is one of our favorite social media management tool that saves our time managing our social media sites.
From Hootsuite, you can schedule your posts by time and date and it will send your posts automatically.
You can use up to three profiles free. For more than three you have to sign up for paid one.
Website –

  • Buffer

Same as Hootsuite, buffer is also a great social media management tool that allows you to set up RSS feed and auto schedule your posts. Available in free and paid version.
Website –

  • SocialOomph

Another popular social media tool is SocialOomph, gives ability to schedule posts you can delete lots of old Direct Messages at once, or if necessary deleting every previous Tweet from your account.
Website –

For successful social media campaigns, it’s important to adapt social media marketing as routine. Social media have become more powerful and important park of online marketing. So If you are not using means you are losing.

At Binamic we are professional social media consultancy to help to achieve social media goals. So If you have any questions regarding setting up or marking strong social media presence, feel free to call us on 1753 878 435 or email us.

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