Social Media – The New Way To Complain!

For those who didn’t get our latest Bino (subscribe here by the way), this article got quite a lot of feedback, so we thought it worth including in the blog:

Binamic has been working with several of our clients over the last year or so, helping them benefit from Social Media (SM). This focusses on helping businesses understand how they can influence how their brand is perceived on-line. “People power” is difficult to harness, but the best way of understanding it is to remember you are one of those people too!

Thus, we tried this little experiment the other day:

I am a fairly easy-going consumer – I don’t complain much. But when things do go wrong it drives me absolutely nuts when you hit endless brick walls trying to do something about it. So when my beardy millionaire-owned cable utilities company (who shall remain nameless) messed up recently, and I got nowhere with their call centre, I was getting pretty hot under the collar. Time for an experiment, I thought, so I posted a message on Twitter basically slagging off the customer service (or lack of) I had just experienced. Sure enough, within 10 minutes I had been contacted directly by a representative offering to help me out, giving me a direct email address and telephone number to call – something that three frustrating telephone calls had failed to achieve!

Two things to learn from this:

  • Firstly – next time your bank/utilities company/chain store messes you around, make a stink about it on your SM channel of choice and see what happens!
  • Secondly – in this case, this brand has used Social Media to quickly and effectively turn around a negative customer experience.

We think we are going to see much more of this in 2010 and the years to come, which is a great thing for us ‘people’ – and the companies that do it well.

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