Something Fishy – Flash Game

Something fishy was developed as one of a couple of games for Sky’s Customer Zone website. Since its removal from said site we have been inundated with requests for information leading to its return. We’ve never been ones to ignore public opinion so in our efforts to please we have raised Something Fishy back up from the depths of Davey Jones’ locker.

Binamic is the rightful home of something fishy. We have noticed that it has spread to many different flash gaming websites very succesfully, almost like a cute, bubbly plague but this is where it all began on a grey day in an office in Slough. Something Fishy has something special.. and a cult following!

Play Something Fishy for free below.

(But beware – it is highly addictive!)

You will need Adobe Flash Player and Javascript enabled to be able to play free online games we created – Something Fishy.

You can download Flash Player for free from the Adobe Website.


Something Fishy, The Premise

So what is Something Fishy all about? Well, it would seem that the story of Finding Nemo has taught baby fish nothing and they are still determined to get themselves in bother. This particular group have swam too close to a collection of particularly vicious, and strong, bubbles and have got themselves trapped inside. Only you can save them from their bubbly doom by popping the bubbles and letting them swim to freedom.

Something Fishy Game Over ScreenIf only it was that easy though (we still struggle sometimes, as you can see in the picture). These super strong bubbles are multicoloured and will only pop when three or more of them are touching (those pesky bubbles!) It’s a classic take on the connect four format of puzzlers. The more bubbles you pop, and fish you save, the higher your score.  We feel that it’s the simplicity of design combined with the attention to detail (notice on the home screen how the octopuses eyes follow your cursor) that have made something fishy such a hit.

If you like Something Fishy why not check out our other flash animation games. If you are interested in developing a game for your site or marketing campaign or would like to host one of our games on your site please do not hesitate to contact us.

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