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Agency: Spitfire Communications

Client: T-Mobile / Chitter Chatter Telecom

eBay Stores for Businesses

The development of an eBay store can be the solution that you have never considered, or maybe even heard of.. Understanding of “web e-commerce” used to be limited to having a website with an online e-store facility.

eBay Store Design

As technologies develop, new and powerful options become available to businesses. You can now have an additional, branded and customized sales channel. 

So what is an eBay Store for Business? It is a unique, personalised and customised section of eBay dedicated to your products (listings). eBay Stores can be designed and developed with your own brand in mind (including colour schemes, themes, logos and general format of the Store). This reinforces customer recognition and loyalty, as well as distinction from other eBay users.

The design shows most in the Store header (at the top of all product descriptions), but it also includes links to some of the Store’s products, categories or pages. Moreover, a header can include a search box for visitors/buyers to search all of the items in a Store directly from a product page (one of Store’s listings).

There are some technological limitations to eBay store design – a result of working on an existing web platform and introduced by eBay. Contact us for more details.

eBay Store Advantages

  • Demand boost & purchasing power potential of eBay store

An eBay Store is a very effective method of getting your products noticed, also outside of eBay itself. eBay Stores have a host of features that can provide exposure to your listings within search results on Google, Yahoo and other search engines (many of which don’t exist within regular eBay listings).

Example: Search Engine Keywords functionality (in “Manage My Store”) gives the Store owner invaluable opportunity of setting keywords and meta tags for any number of products. Hence, all product pages, submitted automatically for Google indexing, show up usually on the very first page of searches relating to those products. Additionally, they get listed in Google Shopping index.

  • New or additional buoyant sales channel

Moreover, there are certain sections of an eBay Store that are highly searchable on the internet, even more so than your Store in general, and you can optimise those aspects of your Store quite easily to improve your rankings on Google searches.

Example: custom pages you can have, which can be (and are considered) extremely content-rich and, thus, highly searchable.

  • Expanding brand & reaching new markets

Having an eBay Store for business means having several different tools like buttons, icons, links, logos, etc. used outside eBay to promote your store, thus driving traffic and attention to your products.

  • Extra marketing tools

Several promotional tools are available to eBay Store owners (e.g. printing store-branded business cards and promotional flyers, creating email templates, etc.) that allow further marketing – both online and offline.

  • Analytics for the additional traffic generated

Another of many eBay Store advantages is a free subscription to Traffic Reports (traffic numbers, sources – including keywords, what was looked at/clicked on within a Store, etc.). This is very useful for refining and evolving eBay Store pages, keywords, etc. to constantly improve visitor numbers (potential buyers!).

  • eBay Store = a sale outlet for your business (for sales, discontinued goods, etc.)

This is also a great solution if under normal circumstances your business could not afford or wouldn’t want to be seen considerably cutting prices some of the products it offers, as it gives a sales channel that can be customized and styled to look like a separate, independent enterprise.

  • In-eBay promotional tools

eBay Store owners have access to additional advertising tools and techniques within eBay, e.g. Promotional Boxes used to highlight selected offers (new items, specials, sales, featured products, etc.) on Store homepage.

  • Direct marketing

Email mailing list facility – eBay users can sign up to receive promotional emails, newsletters, etc. from a Store owner, all of which can include links to some of current listings (products) for direct sales opportunities.

  • eBay Store Support

Last but not least, Store owners have access to a toll-free telephone number to contact eBay Stores Support with any issues. This is very useful and exclusive to eBay Stores and eBay Powersellers only.

Companies big and small are on the trend already – so launch your business into the vast waters before your competitors do!

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