The Easiest Ways To Get Fresh Web Content Ideas

We’ve all been there. Sat in front of our keyboards, fingers poised ready to unleash a stream of profound and inspiring prose, but, nothing seems to be happening. You type a few words, pause, and then delete them all. You force a sentence together, only to rewrite it about 4 times before, yes you guessed it, deleting it. Before you know it you’ve been sat at your desk for half an hour and have managed nothing more than a title whilst the cursor sits there flashing mockingly. If only you could write just a little bit of web content…

Newsflash, it doesn’t have to be this way! Writers block is a curse that existed long before computers and keyboards and offices but it has never been easier to overcome thanks to these aforementioned things. We’ve put together a few tips of how to get the most from your web content creation efforts and, although they may not turn you into a content generator machine, it may not be as difficult as you first thought.

Old Web Content Is For Life, Not Just For Last Week

An image of the Google Analytics content behaviour flow to demonstrate content generator

We suggest you start looking very close to home when deciding what content to write next. How did that piece you wrote on the best designer hats work out? Did your post on the 10 Funniest Cat Memes of 2012 go down well? You can find out a huge amount of valuable information just by reviewing what you have already done. Check your sites Google Analytics Content Behaviour Flow for information on what has got you traffic in the first place and then what has retained that traffic (if it does both then you are onto a winner).

Also keep an eye out for content that hasn’t done so well and has resulted in a high drop off rate, it may be best to avoid that in the future.

Don’t just stop there though, have a look at how well different pieces of web content were received via your companies social media channels (you do use social media right?) Anything that garnered a lot of likes, shares or comments did so for a particular reason, normally it’s because people liked it. Once you have discovered what has done well across all platforms dissect the pieces and find out what they have in common. It may be subject matter, format, style or anything else. Then go away and create something new based around this magic formula. So that covers how to work out what sort of content works well for you, but what about generating new content ideas?

The Web Is Your Content Generator

We haven’t quite finished with your old content just yet. Every now and then you may find a genuine comment amongst the sea of spam, from a genuine person, offering genuine opinion on what you have written. Listen attentively to what they have to say. More often than not they may also ask you a question further to what you have already written, sometimes it will be a quick two sentence reply on your part but sometimes it may be worthy of its own post. Also seek professional opinion on what you have written, if you know of some influencers in your industry tweet them or message them via their own blog and ask for their view, their feedback will not only improve your writing style as a whole but may also give you inspiration for new subject matter entirely!

What Are People Talking About?

Listen, Understand and Act to create great web contentSocial Listening

‘Social listening’ is a term that has started to build momentum recently. Whilst it mainly refers to the action of listening to what is being said about your own organisation or brand to measure popularity it can also be used to refer to the act of, well, listening to the social sphere. This listening can then be utilised as a content generator. If you’re struggling for original content ideas you could do a lot worse than listen to what people are talking about. Join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your niche, do the same with Google+ communities and also set up Google alerts for terms and keywords that are relevant to what you do. The combination of social media notifications and Google alerts direct to your email inbox will provide a constant, fantastic supply of fresh content ideas right into your lap. (Note: This is not to say that you should just copy or scrape content that others have created. Instead use it as inspiration to create something unique of your own).


You should never ignore the potential of Q&A sites such as Yahoo Questions. By searching a few relevant keywords you can discover what people want to know that relates to your niche. If you then create a piece of appealing and enjoyable content that answers that question not only will you gain qualified traffic but, with enough ‘up votes’ your site link will be immortalised on the page. Why not go one step further though and ask questions yourself? The easiest way to find out what your audience want to read or learn about is to ask them directly. This has the added bonus of furthering your customer engagement which can only be a good thing.

Pen and Paper content generatorDon’t Write

And now for the pièce de résistance, don’t write any content at all! If you have a decent sized, fairly active readership odds are some of them will jump at the chance to be able to write for you. Create a ‘content appeal’ asking for your audience to send in articles they have created and watch the submissions roll in, yes you will probably end up with quite a few (read: a lot) rubbish ones but somewhere in there you may find an absolutely inspired piece of writing that really brings value to your site. Who knows, you may even end up with a contributor that provides you with high quality writing just for the joy of it (and a little exposure).

So there you have it, just a few of our tips for how to create great web content over and over again. Of course, if you feel you don’t have the time or knowledge to carry out proper content generation techniques then look no further than Binamic. As specialists in bespoke web design and SEO consultants we know how to write fantastic content for many different companies and businesses. If you are interested in our web content generation services contacts us on 01753 878 435 or email us for a competitive quote today!

Written by Ryan Hill

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