The Evolution of SEO

There is a lot of activity within the SEO industry at the moment. All sources suggest that the way SEO operates and the fundamentals of SEO are going through the most drastic changes ever. Google is continuously changing its search algorithm to combat spam and lack of quality within their search results. From time to time they release large updates capable of changing the way SEO’s work such as the Panda and Penguin updates.

However Google has given SEO’s an insight into the future over the last couple of days by updating their webmaster guidelines focusing on link schemes as well as announcing their disavow tool for SEO’s and webmasters. This suggests they will very soon put website link profiles under intense scrutiny.

Highlighted in Google’s support pages are the kind of things they will be looking for when they receive the data they want from the disavow tool. Google have made the tool in order to get SEO’s to work for them in identifying low quality link networks and automated blog networks.  It’s effectively unintentional whistle blowing. The downside to this is competitors could utilize the tool in order to attempt to make your website look bad in Google’s eyes.

Now is the time to get your link profile evaluated by SEO consultants in order to identify any links which may soon be seen by Google as red flags or spam. Certainly make sure any links where it’s likely to be seen as a paid link are removed by asking the website owner. If that does not work then you can of course use the disavow tool to make Google aware that you do not wish to be associated with the linking website.

The main aim over the coming months is to get websites as Google friendly as possible. This means providing your visitors with the exciting and top quality content they want and to generate a natural link profile. Link building a few years ago used to be a mix of quality and quantity, now it is mostly quality. One authoritative link from a trusted source could work wonders for your relationship with Google’s search results.

Remember old links can always come back to haunt you. We have seen firsthand how links built by an inexperienced or non-ethical SEO can devastate a business. Whether you still employ their services or not. The changes in SEO as we know it could still have a huge negative impact on your website.

Now we at Binamic know that actively doing SEO can be daunting to business owners and inexperienced webmasters. Luckily we are experts in SEO and have thoroughly researched the changing face of SEO. If you would like to discuss anything with us whether it be a loss of traffic or if you are worried about your link profile then please contact us on 01753 878 435 for help.

Written by Chris Rendell

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