What Good Page Rank Can Do For You

Search engines are used daily by millions. A good page rank is very important in gaining a good flow of traffic to your website and can be the gateway to success.

What is Page Rank?

Produced and named after Google co-founder, Larry Page, a page rank is the link analysis algorithm used by the Google search engine to determine the ‘authority’ of individual websites after taking various factors into account and comparing it to others of the same category on the Internet.

Based on relevancy to the specific phrases and keywords, the page rank determines where on the search results page a website’s listing should be placed. The higher the page rank, the more traffic a site is likely to get because of it. It is one of the many tools used by Google to achieve their goal, which is to: “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Although paid search is an alternative.

How Page Rank Works

Page rank individually ranks websites on a scale of 1-10 based on the correct use of link building, keywords, and content relevancy to a queried a term or phrases. When determining a rank, page rank will also compare your site to others in terms of authority of a specific subject area or industry. Ensuring that your sites is relevant to its content will increase its page rank, place on search result pages and traffic.

Organic and Paid Results

In most cases there are two types of results on a search page: the organic raking (websites optimized for relevancy) and paid search (websites that have paid to be placed high in search results). We would recommend optimizing your website for a good listing rather then paying for one, because it saves you a lot of money in the long run. Achieving a high organic listing is the equivalent of receiving free advertising!

What It Can Do For You

Ultimately, the higher the your website’s page rank, the more traffic you could have.
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